Mental Health

Four Benefits Of a Good Night's Sleep

Kamal Nayan
October 05, 2014 07:19 PM EDT

If you ever longed for a night's sleep, then you probably are aware how significant a sound sleep is. Experts keep vouching for getting a good night's sleep but if those are not enough here are four more health benefits of sleeping well that you might not be aware of: 

Long life

According to studies, people who sleep less than six hours at night, can risk a shorter life span, compared to people who sleep for six hours or more. In an ideal case, one needs to sleep for about eight hours a day.

Pain management

For people suffering from chronic pains, getting sleep may actually heal the pain, making it hurt less. 

Radiant skin

When we sleep, our body produces a growth hormone, which is crucial in the production of collagen - essential for a glowing complexion. 

Memory improvement

When we sleep, our brain "practices" the skills learnt while we were awake - also known as consolidation. In simple terms, if we're trying to learn something new - guitar or Spanish - we would perform better after sleeping. 

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