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Mindfulness Meditation Brings Changes In Brain; Relieves Stress, Anxiety, Frustration, Or Psychological Disorders

Update Date: Apr 30, 2017 10:34 PM EDT

New research said that mindfulness meditation has a greater effect in reducing negative thinking patterns in women than men. A group of researchers has conducted the study at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut.

The researchers discovered greater decreases of negative effects in women, constantly compared to the other men who are also deep meditators in the process of their experiment. Their recent study on the effect of mindfulness meditation is published in Frontiers in Psychology.

What Changes Does Meditation Bring In The Brain?

Here, meditation will be discussed as how it is able to develop ones mental abilities, (mental) psychology and change the brain’s activity. Research showed an increase in grey matter in various parts of the brain, due to the effect of meditation such as anterior cingulate cortex and prefrontal cortex followed by increase in cortical thickness in the hippocampus. Meditation, mainly mindfulness or awareness meditation makes a chaotic or monkey mind calmer than anything else.

According to Fadel Zeidan, Associate Director of Neuroscience at the Wake Forest Center for Integrative Medicine, majority of people have always been skeptical of mindfulness meditation, simply because of scarcity of objective evidence. However, according to Zeidan, now with improved neuroimaging, the changes are being able to be recorded and further studied. These physical evidences make doctors more likely to recommend meditation to everyone, Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

Mindfulness Meditation Helps To Get Rid Of Opioid Drugs

Zeidan is involved in high experiment on those people who are highly addicted to using of opioid drugs that give morphine-like effects. Through his small study, he is able to find out how mindfulness or awareness meditation is highly effective in reduces pain and cure malfunctioning in body parts without the application of opioid drugs.

A Guide To Mindfulness Meditation

Even people suffering from stress, anxiety, frustration, depression, or any type of psychological problems can be cured with mindfulness meditation. One may be surprised how it is possible but mindfulness or awareness meditation helps the practitioner recognize his own mind, as the process involves observing or witnessing his mind waves without being judgmental or biased.

The practitioner should not react to whatever comes to mind, but he should remain calm and quiet as a bystander to the mind waves traffic. This is how one gets rids of all sorts of mental agonies and psychological irregularities.

Insomnia is also a critical disease that can absolutely be cured with the right application of meditation techniques. Time said that researchers have found out that mindfulness meditation improves sleep quality, fatigue and insomnia in those people who not only have trouble in sleeping, but suffering from high stress, fear, and frustration.

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