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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Roundup: Who Is The Real Rival?

Update Date: Nov 30, 2016 09:18 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has been released to critical acclaim and huge sales. Many game reviewers have praised the nifty little stories and the cartoonish graphics, saying that it creates an immersive experience for Pokemon gaming.

Reviewers have also loved how players can bond with their Pokemon by caring for them. Reviewers also loved the fact that the game makes the player feel in the shoes of an eleven or twelve-year old Pokemon trainer.

However, fans are already asking questions about who the real rival is. Pokemon fans have always found their rivals to be brash and powerful, bordering on rude. There are many characters in the game, but Hau seems to have captured gamer's attention.

Nothing about Hau is extraordinary. He is a normal boy character who brings presents, and is nice after he gets defeated in a battle. The sheer absence of anything "competitive" about Hau has raised questions whether he is a rival at all.

The game developers have made Hau into a friend of the main character. For starters, Hau chooses the Pokemon weaker to the main character, which is unlike a rival that goes for a balanced Pokemon.

The main characters also holds trials and battles before Hau and therefore, this has led many to ask the question, whether the gamer (in the main character's flesh) is the real rival, and Hau is equivalent of a beginner Pokemon trainer.

If Hau is not cut out for being the real Rival, Gladion is. Gladion is the cookie cutter Rival figure, who is brash, looks menacing and has powerful Pokemon by his side.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" seems to be successful among fans, even though it repeats some old game mechanics, and brings many new things on the table. It is available on the 3DS and has already shipped in excess of 10 million copies worldwide.


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