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‘Pokémon GO’ Hack: Know The Things You Can Enjoy With These Tips

Update Date: Oct 03, 2016 01:50 PM EDT

As "Pokémon GO" fans continue to clamor for more ways to better enjoy the game, looking for the most convenient hack appeared to have become popular.

What particular hack can a pocket monster trainer probably do to improve the gaming experience?

Based on the latest reports, players can do something should they want to add a joystick to their device's screen for extra excitement and easier gaming. They can even catch Pokémon without roaming around town just to get hold of the little creatures.

According to BGR, there is a "Pokémon GO" hack enable the gamer to play it with the help of a joystick which can control the movement of the character. 

What is even more enticing about this tip is the fact gamers do not have to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad just to make the hack work.

The report noted that if the gamers are the type who are not fond of walking from one place to another just to catch a Pokémon, then this tip could be perfect for them.

With the help of the joystick, the trainer can only manipulate his or her character without the

It further added that the "beauty" of this "Pokémon GO" hack is that "your character's pace is kept at a walk, so you can move around the game and catch Pokémon without triggering any of Niantic's alarms and getting banned."

To try this, one may check this link

In the meantime, Devs-Lab dished the benefits of having the joystick installed on the device where the gamers play "Pokémon GO." 

First, it has a boomerang feature that helps the character jump to the desired location even without going there physically.

Second, movement speed can be customized.

Third, there is a map where players can choose their desired location.

Fourth, they can opt to continue from where they left.

Keep posted for more "Pokémon GO" hacks and updates.

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