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‘Pokemon GO’ Buddy Update: Creating a Stronger Bond With Your Pocket Monsters

Update Date: Sep 16, 2016 09:00 AM EDT
Pokemon GO Update
A man plays Pokemon Go while on the bus on Aug. 10, 2016 in New York City. (Photo : Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Bets are on that gamers will be finding it more difficult to put down their mobile devices with the recent release of the "Pokmeon GO" Buddy update.

Here's why: If you download the update on your smartphone, you'll not only be able to choose your buddy "Pokemon," but also earn candies as you walk along with them.

Isn't that great, guys?

Essentially, that means that you'll be strolling down the park or mall, hand in hand with your BFF Pikachu, as you strategize on your next moves, according to Game Spot.  

And here's more: downloading the patch will provide you with "Pokemon GO Plus" support.

Moreover, the "Pokemon GO" update also addresses network reliability and text-related issues that have been the subject of complaints from users since the game's roll out last August.

Gamers will also be pleased to know that the concern wherein their eggs hatch without making an alert and doesn't display animation has already been fixed.  

Before this issue was addressed, some players noticed that their eggs disappeared, while a new "Pokemon" appeared on their list.

This didn't sit too well, especially with die-hard "Pokemon" fans who want to witness first-hand the birth and evolution of their beloved pocket monsters. 

Aside from releasing the "Pokemon GO" update, the game's developer Niantic announced that the game would be available on Apple watches by the end of this year. 

This move just goes to show that Niantic doesn't mind pulling out all the stops to ensure that users will be able to play the game across various devices.

In the meantime, many were expecting that with the release of the "Pokemon GO" Buddy update, "cheat" apps won't be able to play on "jailbroken" iOS and Android devices, according to BGR.

However, it turns out that Niantic may have fallen quite short on this one.

The latest cheat up doesn't only fake a gamer's location, but at the same time, allows him or her to decide what particular "Pokemon" to hunt.

This means that players no longer have to take long, tiresome walks or chase "Pokemons" across crowded bus or train stations.

Gamers can do all their catching and training without leaving the confines of their bedroom or office cubicle.

Let us wait and see if the next "Pokemon GO" update will once again be able to make players break a sweat.   


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