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UPDATE 2: Niantic 'Pokémon GO' Servers Still Down

Update Date: Jul 08, 2016 04:50 PM EDT
Pokémon GO Release Date And Rumors; US Gamers Invited For Field Test
Starting March 1, 2014, Netflix will have two seasons of Pokemon anime and a two of the movies. The first season, Indigo League and the fourteenth season, Black and White, will be available to watch. The movies Netflix will have are Pokemon The Movie: Black and Pokemon The Movie: White. For... (Photo : BagoGames/ Flickr/ CC BY 4.0)

"Pokemon GO" servers are still down on July 8, many trainers are continuing to experience the intermittent outages. Niantic Labs have not released any update to fix this issue. Players experienced bugs that nothing appears on the world map.

The Pokemon company just said they are working on the servers issue via its official Twitter account:

 "Pokemon GO" gamers in Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world have enjoyed the augmented-reality game. However, Niantic is reported to warn illegal downloaders that they will be banned permanently if caught illegally playing the game.

"Pokemon GO" has not been released in the regions out of the mentioned countries above. However, an APK file for the game has been created and spread to the unavailable countries.
A tweet by Twintendo warned users who have downloaded the modified APK should delete it as Nintendo and Niantic are planning to ban user phones and accounts once caught of illegally playing the game.


Gamers in the US are invited to play the real-world adventure game, Pokémon GO before its official release. Pokémon GO uses the players' smartphone location and connects the players with real life taking them away from the digital world. The field testing of the game clearly hints that the release date is somewhere close by.

The game is designed in such a way that players don't sit before the electronic gadgets and play the usual video game. Instead, they are expected to roam and explore the outside world with friends and other players in search of wild Pokémon.

The game developer Niantic Labs has announced in the Pokémon GO official website that registration for field testing of Pokémon GO game has begun in the US, New Zealand and Australia. While all the players interested in participating are invited for registration, it is reported that they will be selected on first come first serve basis, according to Christian Today.

It is also noted that the selection will be based on criteria like experience in real-world gaming, OS type as well as luck. There will not be any compensation or reward given for testing the beta version of the game and players are expected to enjoy the thrill of playing the most anticipated game before its official release. It is reported that since it is the test version some features of the game might not work properly.

"Because the game involves numerous people playing in multiple countries at the same time, we have a lot to test before we publicly launch. This is why we are asking for your help," reads the official announcement, reported PC Mag. "We would love for you to - if selected - download the field test version and play it. Your regular gameplay and feedback will help us iterate, polish and make the game launch-ready."

To be able to register a person should have a smartphone running Android 4.3 or above or an iPhone 5 with iOS 8 or higher. The players that participate in field test are not allowed to post photos or videos on social media before the official launch of the game.

"Players are also asked to refrain from sharing content of the app 'to have an element of surprise" at the public launch; no photos or videos on social media,'" reported PC Mag. "We hope that you-as field testers-understand this and will work with us to make the Pokémon GO game experience truly phenomenal," the game maker added.

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