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Sounds Can Influence Food Taste

Update Date: Dec 13, 2013 05:42 PM EST

The sounds a potato chip makes when you bite into it can make or break the "taste," a new study suggest.

Scientists believe that the sound food makes when consumed is one of the most important sensory factors that determine whether a person will enjoy it or not.

Lead researcher Charles Spence, a professor Department of Experimental Psychology at University of Oxford, and his team found that altering the sounds produced as people bite into chips can alter the perception of their crispiness.

Researchers were able to develop a system for measuring the sounds a food makes as it rubs against the tongue and palate during consumption, according to MedicalXpress.

The technology was initially created to study how much emulsified fat contributes to a creamy feel in the mouth. For instance, when cream is added to coffee, it reduces the sound in the mouth because it increases lubrication of the beverage. 

Researchers have also used the system to research foods like water, milk, cheese, coffee, creamer, tea, wine and soft drinks.

Spence believes their were be significant future interest in matching soundscapes and music to flavors and texture experiences.

The report was published in the December issue of Food Technology magazine

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