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40-Year-Old Fetus Discovered In 82-Year-Old Woman

Update Date: Dec 12, 2013 02:35 PM EST

An elderly Colombian woman who suffered stomach pain discovered she had a 40-year-old fetus inside of her.

Hospital scans revealed the 82-year-old woman from Bogota had "lithopedion" or stone baby. The condition happens when the unborn child develops outside of the womb.

According to NTD TV, doctors had originally thought the woman suffered from a stomach bug or gallstones. However, x-rays revealed that the woman had a calcified fetus living inside of her.

The woman will now undergo surgery to remove the dead fetus, according to the Daily Mail.

Dr. Kemer Ramirez of Bogota's Tunjuelito Hospital told NTD TV that hospital staff noticed something "abnormal in her abdomen". Radiography scans revealed that the woman had a tumor in her abdominal cavity.

"This happens because the fetus does not develop in the uterus because it has moved to another place," Ramirez said.

"In this case, the abdominal part of the woman is not a viable (place) and this is what happened, a calcified fetus because the body is generating defense mechanisms and it is calcified until it stays there encapsulated," he added.

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