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‘One Piece’ Chapter 863 Latest Spoilers And Release Date Update: Monkey D. Dragon's Secret Revealed

Update Date: Apr 19, 2017 08:33 AM EDT

"One Piece" Chapter 863's latest spoilers focus on Luffy and Monkey D. Dragon, as well as the assassination of Big Mom by Luffy and his team of Straw Hat Pirates. Also, check updates on the release date and other details.

In "One Piece" Chapter 863, the plot to assassinate Big Mom will continue - so Luffy, along with his Straw Hat Pirates will be in alliance with Capone Bege for accomplishing the task, reports Celebeat. Incidentally, Bege is also the head of the security at the Sanji and Pudding wedding and it is his responsibility to come up with the plan to assassin Big Mom.

"One Piece" Chapter 862 Recap

In the previous chapter, Luffy is asleep and Jinbe tries to wake him up but he does not wake up. But when Luffy does wake up, the wedding ceremony of Sanji and Lady Pudding has already started. Katakuri is blessed with the power of Observation Haki that allows him to visualize the future but only for a short time.

Although he cannot foresee the planned attack on Big Mom to happen in "One Piece" Chapter 863, as there are lots of things happening at the same time. The major event will be when Luffy will be meeting Monkey D. Dragon, also known as Dragon the Revolutionary.

According to spoilers for "One Piece" Chapter 863, after Luffy attacks Yonkou, he will meet with the Dragon. The latter is known as the greatest enemy of the Government and he will be disclosing something of big importance to his son that was never even referred to in the past. Incidentally, Monkey. D. Dragon is in possession of the most powerful Devil Fruit and is also the World's Most Wanted Man.

"One Piece" Chapter 863 Release Date

According to The Reporter Times, the upcoming chapter will release sometime next week, although no definite date is announced yet. Spoilers for the chapter also indicated that there will a fight between Sanji and Katakuri. Also, since Katakuri is a high-level fighter, the tussle is going to be quite interesting.

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