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Nintendo NES Will Not Be Available Everywhere; Here's Why

Update Date: Apr 19, 2017 08:23 AM EDT

The Nintendo NES is an all-time favorite gaming console worldwide. Now, Nintendo Inc. is discontinuing the production of the gaming gadget. 

Nintendo NES Classic

The NES Classic is a gaming console manufactured by Nintendo in 1983. The gaming console is extremely popular worldwide for many years.

The NES is also known before as Family Computer. This gaming gadget is the one that made the character of Super Mario very popular.

As modern technology continuously evolves, The NES classic is developed and called Nintendo NES Mini. But just recently, The developers of the gadget stated that the console will bid goodbye to the global gaming industry.

Game Over For Nintendo NES

In a report posted by CNET, Nintendo announced last Tuesday (Apr. 18) that it has stopped production of the mini gaming console. They confirmed that they are not manufacturing the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nintendo brought back the gaming console last year, after 21 years since the gaming console was popular. But Nintendo did not say the real reason why they stopped the production of the Nintendo NES Classic.

Meanwhile, per Forbes, was Nintendo's unexpected declaration to end the avidly popular NES Classic Edition mad brilliance? It's accurate to think so, at least on the facade.

According to gadget expert, Curtis Silver, Nintendo was building self-competition with the NES Classic Edition. Gamers who want to play traditional games can do so on the virtual console once that starts on Switch. By releasing the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo stimulates the excitement in those classic games and urges gamers to purchase the new Switch in order to do so addressed the point that the NES gaming console is not available.

For now, Nintendo Inc. does not say if they are bringing back the classic gaming console in the future because they are focusing on Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for upcoming updates on Nintendo.

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