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Mark Harmon Health 2017: Allegedly Sick Actor Investigates Death in 'NCIS' Season 14; Wilmer Valderrama Joins Show

Update Date: Apr 18, 2017 08:37 PM EDT

Mark Harmon has been recently joined by Wilmer Valderrama in the long running TV show, "NCIS" Season 14. But, teasers claimed that Harmon, who is allegedly sick, will be the next to die in the story.

Several reports suggested that Mark Harmon is reportedly going to die in the upcoming finale of, "NCIS" season 14. Will Mark Harmon's character still be around come season 15?

Mark Harmon Talks About His Health

The publication also revealed that Mark Harmon fans have been noticing the changes in the actor's body, ever since he became ill. Several viewers are now wondering if this could be the reason why his character will die in the hit TV show, "NCIS" Season 14. Harmon's fate has also been compared by the publication with Miguel Ferrer's character in "NCIS Los Angeles," which was reportedly caused by his deteriorating health.

As of now, it is still unsure if Mark Harmon will really leave "NCIS" yet, fans are still hoping that he will not be quitting. Despite his illness, Harmon admitted that he is paying adequate attention to his health.

"When you are 18 to 22, you are never out of shape. Training is what you do, it is what you wake up in the morning doing and go to bed at night thinking about, and that is your job, so to speak. I do not know that that has changed for me," Harmon said via Men's Fitness.

"The job I have, whether it is this job or some other job, I am usually aware of that. It is every bit as much about the physical as it is about anything mental. I try to take care of myself and try to eat well and try to get [my] rest. I don't do the same stuff I was doing when I was 24 years old."

Harmon Joined By Wilmer Valderrama

Meanwhile, Wilmer Valderrama has joined Harmon in "NCIS" Season 14, per Celebeat. Valderrama admitted that he was very thrilled when he was asked to join the series. He even stated that he immediately bonded with Harmon and the rest of the cast.

As of this date, Mark Harmon is yet to confirm reports if he will be quitting "NCIS" Season 14. Thus, readers are advised to take this with a grain of salt.

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