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‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 361 Release Date; How Anime Series Helps You Become Real Hero

Update Date: Apr 18, 2017 07:44 PM EDT

"Hunter X Hunter" Chapter 361 release date is still not confirmed. However, the hype for the anime series is still high.

With the latest release of "Monster Hunter XX," fans will at least have one way of enjoying the anime character of Gon, which they have been missing since long. Also, check out how the show helps develop a positive attitude and makes one a real fighter.

"Hunter X Hunter" Chapter 361 Release Details Unavailable

As of now, no details are available regarding the release of chapter 361. Reports indicated that Yoshihiro Togashi has yet not recovered completely from his back pain and hence, the delay continues.

With the release of "Monster Hunter XX," on Nintendo 3DS, fans have the chance of enjoying their favorite character Gon, reports CelebeatBut still, they are sure to miss the complete "Hunter X Hunter" team and are eagerly waiting for the creator or the producer to come out with a confirmed release date announcement.

What Makes "Hunter X Hunter" Such A Great Anime Series?

The story revolves around a 12-year-old boy named Gon Freecs. His father, Ging leaves him with his grandma and aunt on the Whale Island and goes on his way to become a Hunter, reports Comicverse. Instead of being angry at Ging, Gon decides to become a Hunter himself, so that he can meet his father. The overall approach of Gon shows that he is a positive boy.

To become a Hunter in "Hunter X Hunter," Gon will have to pass an exam and from there, the real story starts. All through his journey, the lead character shows impressive physical, mental, and emotional fortitude, which should be the approach of everyone who is positive in real life.

And it is not only about Gon. All the other characters in "Hunter X Hunter" have their own respective goals and are ready to do anything to accomplish them - not individually but as a team. Hence, the whole story is about how relationships can be utilized to help each other achieve success.

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