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CES 2017: HelloMind, Hypnotherapy App, To Launch In The US This Year

Update Date: Jan 09, 2017 09:01 PM EST

One of the exhibitors in CES 2017 is HelloMind, is a hypnotherapy app that is expected to launch in the US this year. The app is free to download in The App store and with in-app purchases available for $8.99 for every treatment and Booster. People could opt for the $12.99 monthly subscription to gain unlimited access to treatments and Boosters.

HelloMind is a hypnotherapy app developed by well-known hypnotherapist Jacob Strachotta from Denmark. This simple and user-friendly app enables easy access for people to avail hypnotherapy sessions with 250 treatments and Boosters available. Every treatment in HelloMInd consists of 30-minute guided sessions working towards the user's desired goal.

The hypnotherapy method, designed and developed by Strachotta himself, is called Result Driven Hypnosis (RDH). RDH is proven to be an effective method in breaking negative thought patterns and helping patients with mental issues.

Result Driven Hypnosis focuses on self-analysis. The core of this hypnotherapy method is the theory that if the patient can consciously identify their problem, the patient's subconscious will be able to find a solution to the problem.

RDH opens the door between the patient's consciousness and subconscious. Hypnotherapy has three stages. In the first stage, relaxation, the patient's get themselves into a state that will enable the patient to learn his or her mind to root out the possible problem. The second stage enables the users with tools to help address or eliminate the problem. Lastly, the final stage is the reinforcement of the positive effects of the treatment.

For best results, HelloMind recommends following one treatment. One treatment in HelloMind is equivalent to ten sessions of 30-minutes each. However, the app does acknowledge the possibility that the treatment will fail for the patient. According to Strachotta, the effectivity and success of the treatment depend on the commitment of the patient to the hypnotherapy process.

"Our method of hypnosis, Result Driven Hypnosis, is especially efficient because it works by uncovering the underlying causes of the user's problem and then allows the user to solve the problem themselves", Jacob Strachotta explains. Hypnosis has been scientifically proven in a study conducted by Stanford University to effectively change and control the patient's thought patterns.

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