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‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Latest News & Update: Details On Titans, Traitors & Shape-Shifters Here!

Update Date: Jan 09, 2017 01:56 PM EST

"Attack on Titan" season 2 will feature shocking discoveries within the walls as revealed in the sneak preview recently released by the studio. The popular Japanese anime official preview was released on Christmas Day, giving fans a first look at the different characters, which include traitors and shape-shifters.

"Attack on Titan" season 2 finally released another preview, giving fans a lot of things to look forward to. The first official preview was packed with more hints about the back story of the horrible creatures, which are eager to destroy the remaining survivors within the giant walls. Fans came up with several speculations about the possible history of these grotesque creatures based on a trailer released earlier last year and the official preview released in December.


"Attack on Titan" season 2 speculations include a theory that suggests there could be several titans waiting inside the walls -- the first line of defense the humanity has against the man-eating creatures. It means that the walls may be hiding the very things that humans are trying to run away from. There were suggestions that the walls could potentially pose threat to the humans. There were discussions saying that the wall could be the very reason for the collapse of mankind. This could well be true since the trailer seemed to be built on this concept.

More so, "Attack on Titan" season 2 also explored the complicated relationship between men and titans. In fact, the latest trailer delved on betrayal, hinting that there could be one among the Survey Corps although it wasn't revealed who. In reverse, there were also suggestions that titans may also be protecting mankind. Fans believe that these friendly titans could be shape shifters that had come to live among humans.

"Attack on Titan" season 2 will be released first in Japan in April 2017, Screenrant reported. Funimation is yet to make an announcement on its the United States and Canada premiere date. Stay tuned for more updates on "Attack on Titan" season 2!

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