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Yoda Complains About Seagulls In Bad Lip Reading’s Hilarious New Music Video

Update Date: Nov 29, 2016 07:39 AM EST

Yoda, the grand master Jedi, apparently hates seagulls according to the new music video by Bad Lip Reading entitled, Seagulls! (Stop It Now).

According to CinemaBlend , Bad Lip Reading channel has produced some stellar videos in the past but this particular take on Yoda hating seagulls beats every one of their last creations. Reimagining Luke Skywalker's training sessions with Yoda on Dagobah from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the music video follows the mismatched pair as the ancient Yoda complains to Luke Skywalker about seagulls poking him on the beach. It is undoubtedly the weirdest Star Wars related video but it is that weirdness that makes it utterly awesome, hilarious and unique, according to the publication.

The video takes clips from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and tells a story of Yoda trying to chill at the beach,except that the annoying seagulls keep picking him at his knees and face. Luke Skywalker clearly does not look impressed with Yoda's words of wisdom on seagulls that have him talking about seagulls poking him in the coconut.

The famous scene where Yoda zips around attached to Skywalker's back on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back gets a hilarious lip translation too as Yoda proudly confesses in the song that he makes for a good backpack. The wise Jedi also talks about one such time when he found a little stick upon rolling a big log. Yoda says in the song that in that instant it dawned on him that the log had a child, ridiculing the humor in the song even further.

Next in the line of Star Wars franchise to release in the theater is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It is slated for a Dec. 14 release this year.

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