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Kylie Jenner May Face Lawsuit Over Latest Makeup Collection

Update Date: Nov 29, 2016 07:00 AM EST

Kylie Jenner may face lawsuit over her holiday makeup collection. Recently makeup artist Vlada Haggerty claimed that Jenner copied her work for a promotional image on a holiday collection. Per TMZ, Vlada is threatening to file a lawsuit on Kylie. The image in question is this photo of gold-powder covered hands and red lips posted on Kylie Cosmetics' Twitter page on November 19.

Vlada almost shared an exact image on her Instagram account on September 24. When Jenner released her version, Vlada posted the two photos side by side. She asked if Kylie hasn't gotten enough inspiration from her already. In 2015 Vlada also accused Kylie Cosmetics of using one of her images without any permission or acknowledgment. The company later edited their caption crediting Vlada, but Vlada said Kylie's camp never contacted her.

Julia Kuzmenko McKim who shot Vlada's version of gold fingers also expressed her frustration regarding the issue. She said it breaks her heart to see how big brands take independent and unprotected artist's work then use it to make themselves even richer. She added that in an ideal world, these big names would avoid backlashes by hiring the artists who have created something they'd love for their campaigns. Neither Kylie nor her brand commented on the allegations or the threatened lawsuit.

The 2015 Scandal

Vlada mentioning 'inspiration' was actually about the scandal last year. Kylie was about to launch her metallic lip kits and she posted images of pouty mouths dripping with luxe rose gold gloss, as noted by Daily Mail. This wasn't even a recreation of one image Vlada had shared, instead, it was the exact image. Not long after websites gave Vlada attribution. Kylie's team never did anything. No apologies, no nothing. They simply deleted the image altogether. Vlada was dismayed nobody reached out to her before or after the incident. She messaged the brand through Instagram the day it was re-posted, but she got no response.

She said Kylie and her brand committed theft. This is their livelihood and she has seen this happen too many times to artists. Everyone's trying to make it and the business is very competitive. So she asks everyone at this level to use the proper channels in obtaining images.

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