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'Bridges Of Spies' Actor Tom Hanks Giggles Wife For His Backside Scene In Forest Gump

Update Date: Nov 29, 2016 05:56 AM EST

The Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks got downright cheeky in discussing his wife's favorite scene from his famous movie "Forrest Gump". He revealed his wife Rita Wilson remains to be enamored by the way his backside looks when his character in the movie goes for a sprint in the classic 1994 drama.

On the Graham Norton Show last Friday, Tom hanks said that every now and again if his movie comes by on cable, his wife would always say to just leave it on there. She then added that she always wanted to see the scene where he is running away from the camera. This way, she can look at the fine Tom Hanks on his behind.

Hanks, 60, was not exactly bashful in agreeing with his wife's analysis of his behind. The actor also said he had no problem piling on the praise for his appearance in the movie. He then added that it also earned a big laugh from the crowd up to now as well as his colleagues on stage.

Tom hanks narrated as Forrest would say, his buttocks were as firm as tinned hams and he even thinks that it is a beautiful thing to behold, he told the Graham Norton Show. Hanks' had worked out to be able to do the huge amount of running that was required in that film. The work out resulted to him, gaining nice buttocks stated NYTimes.

In 1995 Tom Hanks won the academy award for best actor in 1995 for his portrayal of the gentle but slow-witted Forrest Gump. The tale of a simple man with an incredible life has stayed with people for a long time until now. The actor joked that every interview he takes part in somehow it ends up turning into a Forrest Gump conversation CinemaBlend reported.

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