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‘One Piece’ Chapter 843 Release Date, Spoilers, and Latest Update: Wedding Cancelled? A Bomb Exploded?

Update Date: Oct 18, 2016 09:15 AM EDT

Expect unimaginable frenzy when you watch One Piece Chapter 843. Apparently, the wedding will be cancelled as Sanji will be 'rescued' from marrying Pudding once Luffy manages to gate crash into the ceremony, according to Christian Today.

Rumors have it that after the battle with Luffy, Cracker scurries up to the castle to tell everyone that Luffy is well on his way to cause a big riot at the wedding. But instead of making sure the wedding pushes through, Cracker will be the one to cause the trouble due to his abrupt entry. As you know, he's super overweight and this causes some serious destruction to the place.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Moreover, speculations arise that a bomb in the guise of a wedding gift will be handed to the Vinsmokes. Apparently, this same explosive is the same one that was discovered with the treasure on Fishman Island. After the explosion, a big conflict arises between Yonkou and the Vinsmokes. This big distraction is Sanji's chance for escape. But some viewers believe that this tactic won't work at all. Thus, Reiju might have to lend a hand to make this plan a success.

Chopper and Carrot Freed?

Chopper and Carrot were last seen in the mirror world trapped and unable to escape. There are rumors saying that the latest episode will find the duo discovering their ability to access Cake Island's mirror, as reported by News Everyday. They will explore different portals to help them flee which may lead them to come out from the mirror in Big Mom's castle. Here, there's a happy reunion with Nami and Luffy who are also headed the same way.

Episode 843 airs this week so make sure to tune in to find out whether these rumors are true or not. For more of One Piece Chapter 843 spoilers and latest update, keep it here on Counselheal. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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