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Pokemon Sun and Moon News: Demo Accidentally Out, Entire Pokedex Revealed

Update Date: Oct 18, 2016 08:08 AM EDT

According to Kotaku, hackers, data miners, and trusted Pokémon sources revealed that the publicSun and Moon demo contains files disclosing the sprites of many unannounced Pokémon, including the final evolutions of the starters.

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You will have to wait for two months if you wish to dock Pokemon Sun and Moon into your 3DS and 3DS XL. Nothing can be more exciting than this and you might have heard voices like Pokemon Go.

It is a fresh Pokemon adventure as we had installment problems in this series since Pokemon X and Y. Though there was some satisfaction with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

This is the golden period of Pokemon franchise, as it is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon Red and Blue. All this began in 1996 and now it is ready for two more games. Pokemon has the reason to celebrate.

Sun and Moon are similar to Pokemon Go where you might have thrown thousands of Poke-balls and hatched tons of eggs. You can call Pokemon Sun and Moon as Pokemon Go Plus. It is like taking the earlier version to next level. You can pre-order this game from Nintendo website.

It is predicted that Sun and Moon shall be out at the time of Christmas and it shall be available on 3DS systems.

If you live in North America November 18 is the preordering date from Nintendo website. If you are somewhere in UK or Europe the ordering date is November 23.

In the beginning, you will be able to play like a boy or girl and you will have a choice of colors for your hairs and skin. This is similar to Pokemon X and Y.

Your guide will be a professor named Kukui. He resembles the Hawaiian spirit Alola. There are two other characters Lillie, the professors assistant and Hau best friend of Alola.

Once you have played the game, next time you will get information about the moves that worked for you and those which didn't work.

This game is always grouped into generations like Blue, Green, Yellow, and red, which belong to generation 1. Sun and Moon will represent generation 7 Pokemon.

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