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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 62, 63 Spoilers and Latest Update: Trunks Fiercer Than Ever

Update Date: Oct 15, 2016 06:58 AM EDT

Dragon Ball Super is more power packed than ever. Akira Toriyama is intent on making sure viewers tune into subsequent episodes by releasing titles and teasers online. Vegeta, Son Goku and Trunks are back to the future the second time around to battle it out against Black and Zamasu.

The thing is, they're not strong enough to defeat their enemies who seem more powerful than before. The real identity of Goku Black is further unraveled so is their plan to eliminate the human race, this according to Sportsrageous. Trunks refuse to accept any more trash talk from his enemies and so he unleashes his superpower. He faced off against Black and Zamasu by himself. This gave time for Son Goku and Vegeta to heal from the injuries they acquired. Even if he's power has been taken up a notch, he'd be defeated. Rumor has it that this is the end of Trunks.

Meanwhile, Todd Blankenship tweeted some info regarding the titles and spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episodes 62-65.

Episode 62 is entitled "I'll Protect the World! Trunks' Angry Super Power Explosion!" This will air on Oct.16. It is expected to focus on Trunks fighting the enemies all by himself. In here Vegeta will admit that he's not strong enough to defeat the enemy using his conventional techniques.

Episode 63 entitled "Don't Defy the Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta's Intense Battle!" airs on Oct. 23. Trunks take a massive hit from Black Goku. But when Trunks was about to get killed by Black, Vegeta and Son Goku comes to the rescue.

Episode 64 is entitled "Praise and Adore Him! The Explosive Birth of Merged Zamasu!" airs on Oct. 30. This episode shows Black and Zamasu merging with the use of the green Potara earrings. Because of this, Vegeta and Son Goku have no chance of defeating them.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 65 is entitled "Final Judgment! The Supreme God's Ultimate Power" airs on Nov. 6.

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