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‘Grimm’ Season 7 Latest Updates: Season 6 Not the End? Petition Enough to Keep Show On Air?

Update Date: Oct 08, 2016 07:10 AM EDT

Grimm Season 7 finally sees a glimmer of hope. According to Variety, NBC confirmed in a press release last August that the final season starts on Jan. 6, 2017. Since then fans went on a frenzy. They can't believe that their fave series will be leaving for good.

Grimm has been a solid Friday night viewing habit for its fans. Last season it hit its 100-episode mark. Since it was launched back in 2011, the first season garnered an average of over six million viewers, while season 2 went up to nearly 7 million viewers. The third season did even better when it averaged almost 8 million viewers. The fourth season dipped to about 7 million and the fifth season only nearly 6 million.

A Numbers Game

Let's face it, just like any other show, it's a numbers game. If your ratings are not so good, or going down, you're in grave danger of getting sacked. So to prove that viewers still want Grimm, fans came up with an online petition in order to convince NBC to switch gears and put season 7 back in the game plan. The petition's goal is to reach 13,000, and as of writing, they already have 12,249 supporters who signed up. Question is, will this online clamor and petition be enough to change the network's mind?

Grimm Producers and Their Convincing Power

Meanwhile, GameNGuide reported that the Grimm producers are undergoing negotiations with NBC. Furthermore, they'll have to wait it out and see how season 6 will fair until they make the final decision.

Last Resort

If despite the clamor, the begging and pleading and online petition NBC's heart is still made of stone, a final resort might be a possibility. MNG reported that fans also petitions for other networks such as TNT, CBS or Freeform to host the show. If these reports are confirmed, season 6 won't be the last and Grimm fans can heave a sigh of relief.

Guys, all is not lost. We still have Season 6. What you can do is make sure you're glued to your screens every time it airs. Utilize, no- maximize your powers on social media and rave about the shows. Give awesome reviews. Tell NBC how much you crave for Grimm. Maybe then, the network will finally have a change of heart.

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