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‘The Winds of Winter’ Release Date, News and Updates: 2017 Release Not Definite?

Update Date: Oct 06, 2016 09:04 AM EDT

The Winds of Winter release date is nowhere near yet, or so it seems. This is bestselling author George R.R. Martin's sixth installment in A Song of Ice and Fire, his epic fantasy series. Latest reports claimed that The Winds of Winter which was already postponed twice will experience even further delay and won't be available next year.

According to N4BB, Martin is being prevented by his current workload on other projects. His various projects have been so successful that he finds it difficult to focus on the much-anticipated sixth installment.

Martin has been working on this project for the past six years. This follows A Dance with Dragons in 2011, which was the fifth installment in A Song of Ice and Fire. Since then, the beloved author has either published or publicly read over ten chapters from The Winds of winter.

Failed to Meet Deadline?

And if we thought ordinary human beings like us are the only ones having trouble with 'deadlines', think again. Back in January of this year, Martin announced through his LiveJournal blog that he was not able to meet the end-of-year deadline. Thus, his publishers could not release The Winds of Winter before the sixth season premiere of the Game of Thrones on HBO. Thus, the series overtook the novel from which it is based.

It's Done When It's Done!

Right now Martin refuses to give out any tentative release dates for The Winds of Winter. He said, "It will be done when it's done". But have no fear, A Game of Thrones: Enhanced edition is here. It has just been recently launched and an excerpt from the upcoming novel is included.

A digital edition exclusively from Apple has also been made available. A Game of Thrones was launched to celebrate the 20 years since the novel has come into being. Here you'll enjoy an interactive experience. There are great house lineages, character maps, annotations and appendix. Cool!

So guys, let's just wait. Why? Because good things come to those who wait. And The Winds of Winter can't be anything but good, right? Right! For more of The Winds of Winter release date, news and updates, keep it here on Counselheal. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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