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‘Narcos’ Season 3 Air Date Spoilers and Updates: Los Pepes Back for Good? Cali Cartel's Rise to Power Depicted

Update Date: Oct 06, 2016 08:59 AM EDT

Narcos Season 3 air date is still pending, but fans cannot wait to find out how the newest season can live up to fans high expectations. The Hollywood Reporter sat down with showrunner Eric Newman to give his thoughts on the past two seasons and this highly anticipated season 3.

Newman gave an overview how it's going to be like now that Escobar is gone. He said that looking back at the cocaine history in Colombia, what took place was only but natural. Cali was a big help in dismantling the Medellin cartel but this was for their own benefit as well. They used to be number two, now they are on top of the game.

Right from the start, they decided to call the show Narcos and not Pablo Escobar precisely because it's about the story and history of cocaine, not just about the story of one individual. The showrunners and execs wanted to tell a story about the war on drugs, this is the reason why they are continuing the series.

Pablo VS Gilberto

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter how he feels about replacing Pablo Escobar with Gilberto (Damian Alcazar), Newman has this to say. He said he does not want to replace Pablo Escobar. what they are trying to do is explain the drug trade and corruption within Columbia. Escobar was an outlaw, while the Cali cartel was able to infiltrate the system. They were able to buy their way in, thus, they enjoyed a higher type of protection compared to Pablo. Escobar was only a single-celled organism, while Cali was more complex, a multi-celled organism.

Los Pepes Return

In the meantime, iTechPost reported that there are speculations about Los Pepes return. In the past season, Cali utilized the said group to destroy Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel. After Escobar's death, they disbanded. But there were speculations that the group was restored by the Colombian government in order to give out intelligence reports about the drug lords' whereabouts and the drug trade itself.

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