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‘Dragon Ball Super' Episode 60, 61 Spoiler Alert: Black Goku Is Actually Zamazu!

Update Date: Oct 04, 2016 07:40 AM EDT

Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 is airing anytime soon and viewers are itching to know whether Vegeta is going to transform into Super Saiyan White. There's also a big reveal on episode 61 about Black Goku and Zamasu is one and the same. Now, how true can that be?

Episode 60 Spoilers: Vegeta VS Black Goku

There have been rumors floating around that episode 60 will feature a stronger Vegeta in Super Saiyan White form. It is expected to be triggered by Goku's act of killing Bulma, Vegeta's wife.

Dragon Ball Super has always been about Goku and his powers. So now fans think it's time Vegeta grabs the limelight and prove he is worthy to be Prince of Saiyan. If Vegeta indeed transforms into Super Saiyan White, it will mean he will be on a higher level than Goku. This time, he can even beat Black who transforms into Super Saiyan Rose.

This is very much likely to happen because Vegeta is one of Akira Toriyama's (show's creator) fave characters. Wouldn't it be a waste then if he just gets pounded again?

Episode 61 Spoiler: Black Goku Is No Other Than Zamazu!

Shonen Jump recently leaked online that Black Goku's identity will not be revealed on episode 60. Viewers will have to wait for episode 61 for Black's true identity to be revealed. The leaked spoilers reveal that Black Goku's true identity is Zamasu.

The online synopsis that surfaced says that Zamasu switched his mind and body with Goku. He did this using Super Dragon Balls. This has not been confirmed yet, but it's good to note that this same source was also responsible for leaking the Super Saiyan Rose spoilers from last month. All were eventually proven to be true.

Fans think that this is a strong possibility since there are grave similarities between Zamasu and Black Goku. Their ki, their motives, including their aura and fighting techniques. It was also possible that the main reason why Zamasu was shown with Black Goku is because there really are multiple Zamasus in various timelines.

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