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JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers To Wed In 2017: Slams Breakup Rumors

Update Date: Oct 04, 2016 07:20 AM EDT

JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers have been plagued with controversies since The Bachelorette's finale. People were betting that the couple's story will not last. But on the contrary, the two lovebirds are dead set on keeping the love alive. As a matter of fact, Jordan Rodgers and Jojo Fletcher are tying the knot next year!

Some viewers thought that Rodgers signed up for The Bachelorette for all the wrong reasons. The ex-quarterback had allegedly no plans of marrying Fletcher- he simply wanted to become famous again.

Despite all these rumors, The Bachelorette duo wants to show the world that they found true love in each other's arms. Reports said Jordan Rodgers and Jojo Fletcher are still very much together. They love each other and have absolutely no reason for breaking up!

1000 Jumping Jacks?

Yes, the pair is still very much happy together. And in an interview with E! News, Rodgers and Fletcher came to an agreement with the publication. If the two are no longer together by next year, Fletcher will do a thousand jumping jacks while Rodger teased he'll do a man thong. That's how sure they are about their relationship!

Meanwhile, Inquisitr also reported that Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers will push through with their wedding next year. Very limited information about the event was disclosed, although they assured their fans that the 'big day' will take place in 2017.

After all is said and done, viewers of the reality show are wondering if Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers will have their The Bachelorette spinoff as well. We'll just all have to wait and see. For more of Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers wedding updates, keep it here on Counselheal. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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