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Vaccines Unnecessary? More Parents Agree Amidst Mumps Outbreak

Update Date: Aug 30, 2016 11:30 AM EDT
Americans under the False Impression that they Don’t Need Flu Vaccine
62% of the people said that they have already been vaccinated or had the plans to get their vaccines against the flu (Photo : Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

According to the present trend, pediatricians are encountering parents, who refuse to vaccinate their children, as they believe it to be ineffective.

A survey published Monday by the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that the number of parents refusing to vaccinate their children has risen up from 75 percent in 2006 to 87 percent in 2013.

The most common reason for such thought is that the diseases, which are prevented by the vaccines have been wiped out from the United States, reported CBS News.

"Because these diseases are gone, people no longer fear them, even though many of them are only a plane ride away," said Dr. Kathryn Edwards, co-author of a new American Academy of Pediatrics report based on the survey. "They don't seem to realize that these diseases do exist in other places, and could come here."

Moreover, the percentage of pediatricians, who dismissed the patients over repeated vaccines have also seen an increase from 6 percent to 12 percent, according to the survey.

According to Edwards, who is a member of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases, the goal is to work with patients so that they understand the importance of vaccines. In addition, the committee also aims to answer their questions and doubts about vaccines and their importance.

Fortunately, the reason for declining the use of vaccines has evolved in the recent years as with anything. When in 2006 parents refused vaccination because they feared that their child may get affected with autism, now they refused because they believe the diseases have been eradicated.

Notably, vaccines have always provided  a protection against diseases like measles, Chicken pox, meningitis and polio, which plagues both children and adults. According to Dr. Claire McCarthy, who is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston, the experts of vaccination are so good at it, that the present generation does not know how bad it will be without them.

Perhaps, that is the reason of parents thinking vaccinations are unimportant. However, it might happen that parents will soon see how bad a decision it is, only time will tell.



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