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‘No Man’s Sky’ Cheats, Tricks & Tips: Techniques To Help Players Progress Easily

Update Date: Aug 17, 2016 02:53 PM EDT
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LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 15: Hello Games, Sean Murray demonstrates 'No Man's Sky' during the Sony E3 press conference at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena on June 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The Sony press conference is held in conjunction with the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which focuses on gaming systems and interactive entertainment, featuring introductions to new products and technologies. (Photo : (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images))

For all the game enthusiastic, "No Man's Sky" is a game with numerous options. However, as with every game, which has been developed, certain hacks and cheats can definitely help players to progress easily.

Moreover, there are some in - game glitches, which has not been identified yet by the developers. These can be used by players to get ahead in the game easily.

Incidentally, Jetpack Climb is a glitch in the game. Using this technique, players can  use jetpack without depleting it.

So, when players want to climb a wall or surface, they can do so by getting close to the surface and activating the jetpack. However there's a catch, players need to stay real close to the wall, without climbing it, reported The Bit Bag.

For players, who are looking to make money via "No Man's Sky", can definitely look for "hot" items in the game and carry them into the next planet. Additionally, they can also mine asteroids  near space stations.

Sometimes, if the players want to move a little bit faster,  they can press R1 for a melee attack. This will give them a quick burst of momentum. When they are in the middle burst, the player can jump into the air with jetpack and speed up as he/she glide across the surface.

Meanwhile, a fast ship is something every player craves while playing "No Man's Sky".  Selling "Bypass Chips" could give the player higher credits, which are about 3,575. Moreover, "Bypass Chips" can be crafted using plutonium and iron.

So for players who want a better ship, all one needs to do is collect Plutonium and Iron, while moving through the planets. Both the elements are available in abundance, and so players would not require additional credits.

In addition, "No Man's Sky" tests the social interactions of the players, so it is prudent to build an alliance with other inhabitants. To make an alliance, one needs to decode the language the residents speak in.

So, with these simple yet effective hacks, any player can make money and move faster on "No Man's Sky."

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