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5 Shocking Suicide Facts: Find Out Why People Commit Suicide

Update Date: Apr 24, 2016 08:34 PM EDT

Suicide in the United States has been spiking, 15% to be exact. And based on reports, the numbers continue to rise.

According to US government statistics, girls aged 10 to 14 have been alarmingly growing annually since 1999. But even if girls seem to be the ones showing an alarming rate of suicide, males come in as well aged from 10 to 74.

In fact boys aged 10 to 14 showed a higher and disturbing rise in suicide but not as regular and incremental when compared with that of girls using a 15-year period.

Despite the disturbing numbers tied up with women, men are still believed to be three times more likely to commit suicide than women. But if the trend continues, it may be a matter of time before all that changes. The age-adjusted suicide rate for women increased by 45%, while the rate for men increased by 16%.

Taking all that in consideration, what drives people to resort to taking their lives? Problems are the common answer though such will likely vary.

  1.  Mental Illness. There are people who are plagued with some form of mental illness, regardless if they admit it or not. Though there are ways to address and correct it, the fact remains that timely addressing of such is a need.
  2. Bullying. Whether it be in real life or through cyber means, the fact is that people tend to end up being depressed when picked on leading most to believe that they are useless and people who have no sense living in the real world.
  3. Drug Addiction. Drugs has no benefits for anyone though most teens and kids take on it to be part of certain groups. Taking them leads most to have clouded thinking and chances are such leads one to think differently, including using suicide as an option.
  4. Unemployment. Hanging on to a job these days has become competitive and at some point there are casualties who could be laid off. Once that happens, landing a new job is easier said than done. Though it may take some time, it does spur certain instances when one believes that he is better off dead than left idle and worthless.
  5. Relationship issues. Breaking up or seeing one partner left alone could render dire consequences. Some become infatuated and end up resorting to death since they are no longer in the right manner of thinking. It passes the mind of the love-struck individuals at times which sadly becomes a low solution to handling personal-based issues.

The number of things that could lead to suicide are plenty. It all depends on one’s manner of thinking and outlook in life. Anyone can end up in dark at times and it may be best to resort to possibly communicating with someone else and not end up foolishly taking one’s life.

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