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Few Valuable Tips To Avoid Spring Allergies

Update Date: Mar 22, 2016 11:29 PM EDT

While spring is a lovely season with greenery everywhere and flowers beautifully blossoming, there are people who treat this period as a nightmare.

Spring allergies keep some individuals dripping and sneezing throughout the day. Some even prefer staying indoors than experiencing such difficulties. The allergies are generally caused by pollen grains in the air entering the human respiratory tract. While most of us resist it, severe immune response is triggered in some people resulting in sneezing and dripping.

So for those with such hypersensitivity, it is better to turn on the safety mode before you head out of the house.

Firstly, check the pollen count of the day in local weather reports. Sunny, windy and dry days record high pollen levels than the rest of the days. Just in case the pollen count is high make sure to exercise but inside the house.

You can switch to oversized sunglasses instead of regular ones to protect your eyes from being exposed to allergens. Bathing once after you reach home is advisable during high pollen days as there are chances that pollen grains could be sticking to your hair.

Keeping outdoor pets away from you would help avoid exposure to pollens as pets could be carrying pollen grain on their body and hair. "[Pets] They are covered in the pollen and they're basically just going to be snuggling up to you and bringing all of the tree, grass, weed pollens in with them," said Cleveland Clinic allergist Dr Sandra Hong, according to Fox 2.

If avoiding pollen exposure seems impossible, taking antihistamine medication will help reduce sneezing and itching and nasal sprays relieve nasal congestion. "We actually go to those as our number one treatment for allergies. They not only help with your stuffiness but they'll help with your eye symptoms and the draining down the back of your throat," Hong added.

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