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4 Notable Advancements In Dentistry Worth Knowing

Update Date: Aug 16, 2021 12:19 PM EDT
4 Notable Advancements In Dentistry Worth Knowing
(Photo : AdobeStock)
4 Notable Advancements In Dentistry Worth Knowing
(Photo : AdobeStock)

In the past decades, most people didn't consider visiting the dentist's office a delightful experience. The bright light they had to sit under wasn't pleasant, and the tools the doctors used were too scary. For this reason, even though oral health is essential, most people didn't like coming to these professionals. Therefore, most people considered instead natural remedies for toothaches, or home specialists for teeth whitening or removals.

Improved Technologies In The Dentistry Field

Today, technology has brought about several improvements in the dentistry field. These advancements are assisting professionals in their practice much easier and quicker. For patients, these new developments are helping to enhance oral health, and have made dental visits more comfortable. 

Besides that, the new technologies in this industry have improved work processes. In the past, dentists could only offer reactive care to their patients. Today, these professionals can now provide their clients preventative measures to avoid teeth problems, and ensure proper oral health.

Communication between dentists and their patients has also improved. Today, if you live in Ontario, Canada, for instance, you don't have to travel miles for a consultation on a particular dental issue. Instead, you can have a virtual consultation with a Hamilton dentist in the comfort of your home. This way, the doctor can easily assess you, and they'll notify you if your concern needs urgent care or not. 

This means you can escape long queues at the dentist's office, and avoid schedule interruptions. If the specialist determines you need emergency care, they can easily schedule a quick visit for you. Then, you prevent your issue from progressing, and causing further complications.

Aside from improved communication, there are several other notable advancements in the field of dentistry today. Some of these are provided below:

1. Clear Aligners

Braces were invented several decades ago to correct teeth issues such as improper alignment or crowding. However, these are worn mainly by children or teenagers, and not so much by adults. This might be because they're easily noticeable, and they feel a bit uncomfortable to grown-ups.

The introduction of clear aligners is viewed as a great success in dentistry. These are transparent devices that work in a similar way to braces. However, these are invisible, removable, and more comfortable. 

These devices are more popular with adults today, as they eliminate any awkwardness one may feel with braces. They can be taken off for a few hours. This means one could go to work, eat, or drink without them. They're also believed to align teeth in half the time braces do. In turn, patients enjoy a quicker treatment with this technology.

2. Electric Toothbrushes

Electric-powered toothbrushes are another advancement in the field of dentistry. These devices might have more benefits compared to traditional kinds of cleaners. They're becoming more popular today because they're believed to cleanse gums and teeth much faster and better than manual ones. People who use them are said to have healthier gums and teeth than those who use conventional toothbrushes. 

In addition, these advancements are believed to reduce the likelihood of teeth problems such as decay. As a result, they can lengthen the life of one's teeth much better than manual brushes.

3. Practice Management Software

Practice management software is a technology allowing dentists to run their daily activities much easier . This advancement enables easy appointment scheduling, entering and tracking patients' data, submitting insurance claims, and generating reports. 

This technology eliminates the traditional work processes that were tedious and more time-consuming. It saves dentists more time to focus on research and patient needs. 

4. Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are devices dentists use today for better precision. These come with features such as light-emitting diodes, rotating heads, and efficient magnification. They offer professionals a clearer view of patients' mouths. In addition, they allow better visibility for locations that are harder to see with the bare eye.

These cameras are easy to integrate with other imaging software. This allows the dentists to easily show patients teeth and gum images during an assessment. Hence, it allows them to educate their clients about oral health more effortlessly.


The current technological advancements present in dentistry have made this practice much easier and simpler for professionals. They have also made patients feel more comfortable in doctor's offices. The advancements have reduced the need for home remedies and outdated dental procedures. As a result, most people today prefer visiting dentists for check-ups and treatments, which was not so in the past years. 

Some of the new technologies in dentistry are provided above. In summary, they include clear aligners, electric toothbrushes, practice management software, and intraoral cameras.

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