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Some Seniors Are Going to Canada for Dental Care

Update Date: Jul 03, 2021 12:51 PM EDT
Some Seniors Are Going to Canada for Dental Care
(Photo : Some Seniors Are Going to Canada for Dental Care)

While many Canadians come to Arizona for the hot weather and great desert vistas, there are also plenty of Americans making their trips in a different direction. Besides escaping the Arizona heat, some Americans go north in search of medical and dental care.

Many people who get medical care in two countries are senior citizens, particularly snowbirds. Snowbirds tend to have more free time to travel abroad for health care and the income to make that trip. Here is more about this phenomenon.

The Importance of Oral Health for Seniors

One reason why some seniors visit dentists often is that oral health is more important than ever as people age. Nearly one in five American older adults have untreated tooth decay, which can cause painful infections the longer it goes on. Older adults are also more likely to have missing teeth, gum disease, and oral cancers.

Oral health is always intertwined with the rest of the body's well-being, but this becomes even more true as people age. Chronic conditions that are more common in older adults, such as COPD, diabetes, and arthritis can also cause gum disease and other oral health conditions. Conversely, it has been said in various media outlets that poor oral health could increase a person's risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. According to a North York dental clinic it is important to keep up with the latest dental trends that can improve your dental health. Bacteria that are left behind in the mouth are more likely to enter blood vessels and cause plaque deposits.

Due to these factors, oral health is even more important for older adults. Seniors should go for twice-yearly checkups, regular cleanings, and any additional visits they may need to install dentures. 

Dental Tourism to Canada

Despite the importance of dental care for their demographic, many older adults do not visit the dentist regularly. Unfortunately, dental care in the United States is very inaccessible. Many people lose their insurance once they retire, and basic Medicare does not cover dental visits.

That leads many seniors to seek out alternate sources for dental care. While Mexico is one popular dental destination, Canada is also attractive. Canadian healthcare prices are often half the price of American ones, even private ones. Canadian clinics also boast high standards of care that parallel and even surpass American dentists. 

It's no wonder that some older adults choose to combine a Canadian vacation with a dental visit. Sometimes, it is still less expensive than the price of dental care in the United States.

Managing Medical Care in Two Countries

While accessing dental care in Canada is less expensive, managing your health care in two places is a hassle, which is why many snowbirds have difficulty managing their insurance plans. While this is usually a good enough reason for Canadians to wait until they go home to visit the dentist, many Americans still find the process of going to a Canadian dentist more affordable and easier than trying to find care back home.

Next time you visit friends in Toronto or go on a vacation to our northern neighbor, you might as well get that cavity checked out!

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