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Is Sustainable Living the Future?

Update Date: Mar 11, 2021 01:46 PM EST
Is Sustainable Living the Future?
(Photo : Is Sustainable Living the Future?)

Ever since we gained the knowledge of how our actions have a direct and deteriorating impact on the environment, humankind has taken several steps towards undoing the damage that we've done. Furthermore, we have also started devising ways in which we can protect the environment from further unnecessary damage.

Utilizing our resources effectively to help ensure that we leave ample resources behind to sustain future generations is the ultimate goal that many of us are working toward. This concept is known as sustainable living, and it has been adopted by many major countries and organizations today to help ensure a better tomorrow. And while the technology for this isn't perfect, it does seem to be improving with every single day. Here are a few reasons why sustainable living is the way to go.

You Save More Money In The Long Run

Sustainable living relies on consumer-grade products that are either reusable or recyclable. This not only lowers our carbon footprint, but it also lets us use less so we can save more money. However, these products tend to cost more than their disposable versions. That said, if you're buying one that's far more durable than an inexpensive yet single-use model, then you will be better off with the former.

In fact, you could also save more by using electric cars instead of fossil fuel-powered ones. Combined with home solar panels, you can drive your own car at a nearly zero cost. All you need is to plug it up, let it charge, then power it up using harvested solar energy.

Getting Improvement On Car Noises

While on the topic of cars, electric cars are far quieter than their fossil fuel counterparts. Instead of internal combustion engines that use controlled explosions to run pistons, the electric traction engines in electric cars only use the power of magnetism. These are engines with a large, charged shaft that do not come into contact with anything in the engine except for a support frame that keeps it in place. With these, there can be less sound pollution in areas where you can expect to have high levels of traffic.

Having The Same Quality While Saving On Emissions

Let's face it. Sooner or later, you're eventually going to need single-use items. From bathroom tissue to floss threads, some things are better off used once and then thrown away. But if these things would end up in our landfills, then the better choice should be using the ones that better fit the "reduce" in the three Rs of waste management.

The best products in these cases are those from biodegradable materials made with plant-based bioplastics. This lets you use the same products for less impact on our landfills. Plus, plant-based materials can be farmed with little to no negative impact on the world, especially when done through sustainable agriculture.

Substituting Laundry Products With More Environment-Friendly Options

It is no secret that most commercial detergents are filled with harsh surfactants and chemicals. Alongside the detergents, the dryer sheets that we generally use are also not chemical-free and may lead to skin rashes. Most dryer sheets are made of non-biodegradable fabrics, and therefore have an infinitely better alternative to them in the form of wool dryer balls. Natural, eco-friendly and far more efficient, wool dryer balls promote sustainable living at the minutest levels. 

Sustainable Alternatives for a One-Time Product

Most toilet papers are usually made out of wood pulp that comes from timber. We're all aware of how the earth is losing most of its forest cover, and consuming more of a product that needs trees to be cut down for it seems to be an unnecessary and wasteful practice when we have the option of using alternatives like bamboo bathroom tissue. 

Bamboo toilet paper, on the other hand, is made out of the pulp of bamboo trees. What makes it a more environment-friendly option to regular toilet paper is that while a tree may take a decade to grow, bamboo trees grow rapidly and reach a height of over 10 feet in only 4 years. They can rapidly grow in thick groves, too, and are an overall safer and accessible alternative to wood pulp.

Choosing Sustainability

Going eco-friendly with sustainable living, however, is a choice. No doubt, it does have its own pros and cons. But with more people getting into this kind of lifestyle, then more of our beloved Earth can be saved -- getting us closer to net-zero before it's too late.

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