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Stem cell therapy cost

Update Date: Mar 09, 2021 09:34 PM EST

Every year more modern methods that can cope with almost any disease are implemented into clinical practice. This has made it possible to give a second chance to many patients all over the world. One of the most promising methods today is stem cell therapy.

This method is used for the treatment of many conditions, from diabetes mellitus to erectile dysfunction. Stem cell therapy for impotence is most often performed in men over 60 years old. In addition, the stem cell therapy cost abroad is affordable, or it can even be covered by insurance companies, which makes this method very popular.

Clinical manifestations

An erection is the result of increased blood flow to the penis during sexual stimulation. The first process is a contraction of muscles that are associated with the penis. Contracted muscles lift the penis and compress its veins, reducing the venous outflow. At the same time, the arteries of the penis expand and bring more blood to the cavernous bodies.

This leads to more blood being delivered to the penis than it is going out, so the penis increases in size and becomes firm. Erectile dysfunction develops due to abnormalities that result in impaired blood flow in the organ.

The causes may be both physiological and psychological. The initial symptom of erectile dysfunction is decreased sensitivity during sexual intercourse.

Impotence treatment

Modern medicine has a fairly large arsenal of means and methods that help patients with sexual dysfunction. However, an innovative method, i.e. stem cell treatment, stands out against this background. Stem cells procedure improves blood circulation in the penis by increasing the number of blood vessels.

Stem cell treatments help to eliminate not only the physical cause of the disease but also the psychological one. This is due to the normalization of the nervous system function. After the course of stem cell therapy, patients become more resistant to stress, their sleep problems resolve, and their sex drive improves. Stem cell therapy for impotence is applied in the best clinics in Germany and is recognized as safe and highly effective.

Stem cells in the treatment of other diseases

In addition to impotence, stem cell procedure has a huge range of indications. With the help of cellular therapy, modern clinics treat the following diseases:

●      Liver cirrhosis

●      Diabetes mellitus and its complications

●      Alzheimer's disease

●      Lyme disease

●      Atrophy of the optic nerve

●      Pathologies of the nervous system

As you can see, stem cells claim to be an effective method in the fight against incurable diseases. Pluripotent stem cells can restore all tissues and organs in the human body. This gives hope to patients who have been unable to find an effective treatment for their disease for a long time.

Treatment during a lockdown

Despite the obstacles to going abroad, it is still possible to receive treatment in other countries. In order to start your way to undergoing treatment abroad, leave your request on the website of the medical tourism operator Booking Health. Company specialists will contact you in the shortest time and provide you with all the necessary information and further guidance.

Moreover, you will receive assistance with the preparation of all certificates and documents that are required for treatment abroad during the lockdown. Be sure that with BookingHealth your illness will be treated without delay. Soon, you can be one of the thousands of patients who have been successfully treated abroad during the lockdown.

Treatment in world clinics at low prices

Every year more than a million patients undergo treatment abroad, and the number is increasing constantly. Often, treatment in foreign clinics is rather expensive, especially for patients without health insurance. However, with the help of the medical tourism operator Booking Health you can find the most affordable stem cell therapy costs in the advanced medical centers.

Years of experience allow Booking Health to provide patients with all the benefits of medical tourism. In addition to affordable costs, you will have round-the-clock support, airport transfers, and a personal interpreter who will accompany you throughout your treatment.

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