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5 Personal Benefits of Going Green

Update Date: Mar 04, 2021 11:27 AM EST
5 Personal Benefits of Going Green
(Photo : 5 Personal Benefits of Going Green)

The idea of going green is an initiative that started in April of 1970. Over the last five decades, the movement has steadily garnered traction as the world comes to understand its importance and relevance in our daily lives.

Now, there is an abundance of eco-friendly items and lifestyle-choices to pick to do your part in preserving the planet. Yet, the earth is not the only entity benefiting from conscientious behavior. 

Science shows that health, wealth, and overall well-being are improved when you adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

This article explores five personal benefits of going green:

Pamper Yourself

Self-care is not usually synonymous with going green, yet it certainly should be. When you take action to protect the earth, you are also preserving your survival. 

Yet, with the advancement of eco-friendly products, there is a much more immediate benefit to going green. Many items now are not only "green" but also more desirable than their original, wasteful counterpart.

For example, bamboo toilet paper is softer, more durable, and hypoallergenic. Eco-friendly beauty products have natural ingredients, which are much better for your skin, and green fashion brands keep you looking marvelous. 

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

When you decide to go green, it is much easier to eat healthier since fresh fruits and vegetables are encouraged over plastic-wrapped, processed foods. 

Of course, switching from sweets to leafy greens is better for every aspect of your health, including your mental health. 

Eating the right type of food and the right kind of food and knowing you are helping the environment, living the way you want to live, is a morale booster. This boost will lead to sleeping better, having more energy, and feeling better. 

If you allow it, these positive changes will help you live an overall healthier lifestyle. In turn, you will naturally gravitate toward others who share the same values and choose to make the same lifestyle changes, which will help fortify your journey's strength. 

Save Money

There is a common misconception that going green is costly. Since eco-friendly brands maintain sustainable sources, plus the rise in demand, there is a vast selection of green brands with pricing on par with non-sustainable brands.

Several green brands offer reusable items, where the traditional counterpart is a one-use-only product. Thus, the value of what you receive from eco-friendly brands is much higher. 

For instance, you can buy eco-friendly wool dryer balls and get over one-thousand uses out of that one purchase or buy comparatively insufficient, damaging dryer sheets and get half as many uses, if you're lucky.

Appreciation for Variety

Even with all the different eco-friendly options, it isn't always easy to go green. Becoming eco-friendly in any capacity means changing the way we live our lives, and that is never simple.

Instead of buying the items you have purchased all your life, you are making different choices. Remembering reusable bags instead of using the conventional plastic bags at the register, purchasing healthier food, and finding other establishments that sell eco-friendly beauty products are just a few of the ways your life will change.

However, with that change comes an appreciation for the variety and trying something new. Once you start seeing that going green offers you a plethora of personal benefits, you will feel better.

The change you will see in your daily actions, habits, and health could inspire you to invite more variety into your life. 

Now, inviting this variety doesn't mean you will always like what you try, but it will give you more experience, which will substantially enrich your life.  

Inspire Younger Generations

Everyone wants to leave a legacy behind when our bodies have returned to be one with the earth. We want our memory to continue to influence the decision of the following generations.

What better way to do that than to inspire younger generations to work towards restoring and rejuvenating the planet? 

When you lead by example and live a green lifestyle, your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and community will notice. The goodness you sow in doing your part to help the environment will instill pride in the younger generations.

This pride will help them learn an appreciation for the earth. With that, a new generation of protectors will prosper, with your influence continuing to help them make the right decisions.

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