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How to Migrate to SharePoint on A Development Platform

Update Date: Feb 05, 2021 04:10 PM EST
How to Migrate to SharePoint on A Development Platform
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There are lots of technical tips available for IT professionals who would like to migrate to SharePoint out of Windows environments. However, not all them will be useful. There are lots of advantages to migrating to SharePoint from a Windows environment, which you ought to consider before beginning. Here is one important SharePoint migration tip that will help you get started.

To migrate to SharePoint from a Windows or Office 2021 environment, there are five key advantages. You've got access to the Microsoft 365 providers, such as Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft 365 Subscriptions, and Microsoft 365 Enterprise Manager. One of the primary benefits to migrating to SharePoint from a Windows environment is that you can take advantage of all of the new features available in MS Office 365: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Consolidate and streamline your workflow With SharePoint, it's easier to collaborate with others and manage your files and projects. You'll also end up saving far more time. One of the primary benefits to migrate from a Windows environment is that you've got a host of third party applications that are pre-installed on your computer. These third-partyparty application programs consist of such heavy-duty utilities as FrontPage. Many of these programs are no longer supported on the older versions of Windows.

If you use Microsoft SharePoint 2021, there's the possibility to migrate to the new version online. For users who do not yet have an online SharePoint account, the ideal migration solution is to use the Microsoft 365 migration tool that's included with MS Office 365. Using this tool, you can migrate into SharePoint 2021 without installing any additional hardware or software. This feature also makes it easier to schedule the task so that you won't need to worry about missing any important work or emails.

The migration project also includes many different tests that will run before the upgrade to make certain everything is moving smoothly. The tests will run to be certain every scenario looks correct and nothing is missing from the SharePoint 2021 document library. Additionally, it tests for lost items, broken links, missing possessions and other scenarios that could cause a problem during the migration. It's best to have an experienced SharePoint developer perform the entire migration project since it can be quite complex.

Besides performing the test tasks throughout the SharePoint migration project, there are numerous different things you can do before the upgrade to find out if there are things that could break through the migration project. The main thing is to personalize your PC settings so the customizations will match what is already installed on your computer. There are some customizations that are only available from the cloud rather than in the SharePoint, which make upgrading a bit more challenging.

The majority of these customizations will only take a few minutes to perform, but it is worth taking a little time to understand how to carry out the essential tasks for the migration. By opening an administrative form, you can get all of the features that are accessible through the SharePoint application on the server, like the calendar, contact information, project information, web pages, and so much more. You'll then need to go into the clouds and find the section where you can configure the settings for the backend. For the technical person, this might seem like a complicated process, but the more experience you gain, the easier it will become.

With the cloud integration of SharePoint, it is possible to install customizations and business rules which will make life much easier. If you're not knowledgeable about how SharePoint works, it's definitely something that should be taken care of prior to the migration. The aim is to have everything up and running smoothly from the time that you migrate into SharePoint on the development workstation, until you are ready to use it on your principal business server. The technical side of the migration is easy but getting the fine-tuning and fine-grained customization for the backend is where it can get tricky. If you get it right, there should be nothing preventing you from being able to go back and forth between the clouds and the on-premise SharePoint.

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