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5 Mistakes to avoid when scheduling a massage

Update Date: Dec 15, 2020 03:36 PM EST
5 Mistakes to avoid when scheduling a massage
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Massage therapy is a great thing that would help you relax and regain your body health anytime. Whether it's a prescription by a therapist or you want to have some good time with the therapist as you unwind from daylong activities, a massage session will help you become stronger and more avid. 

However, there are things you must avoid for you to have a great experience. This article details some of the mistakes that you must avoid.

Not booking an appointment in advance

Massage is very calming and gives you a great feeling and relief. For it to be more effective, you've to schedule it in advance. That allows the therapist to prepare for the best package for you. Again, you're able to tell them your problem and thus prepare all the necessary equipment to ensure you get your desired experience. Booking in advance ensures that you prepare psychologically and therefore will have a lasting experience.  You also get the therapist you need, someone with a good temperament and one who understands your pain-point.

Choosing the wrong massage

There are several types of massage and before you schedule for one, you need to research and find out which one befits you. For instance, if you need to correct some dysfunction, deep tissue or sports massage will be more appropriate for you. The therapist applies more pressure on the affected areas and this is good for relieving the symptoms.  For mild relief, a more smooth massage like the Swedish is perfect for you. Choosing the wrong massage may bring a counter effect and therefore should be avoided. 

Going for any therapist

Not every massage therapist is your type. You've to check out their background in terms of personal standards, training. How good are they in their palpation skills, therapeutic boundaries, and their level of hygiene? You must take time and ask them questions about how they do their massage, allow them to tell you more about the massage and they should prescribe for you the best type. With your basic understanding, you should agree with the best and avoid ones you aren't sure they will deliver.

Assuming that one session is enough

Massage is therapy and as the name goes, it is not just a one-time thing but a process that requires a schedule. That will allow you to plan with your therapist. You can both identify the massage services you need like medical massage and set goals that you will achieve in every session until you achieve your goals. A "One-touch" type of massage can be harmful especially when you're dealing with severe pain- it may cause more damage than good.

Talking all through

Massage time allows you to get lost in dreamland. It's your time to chill out and draw from the theta state of mind. When pressure is applied to your muscles, the neurological pathway to the muscle is enhanced. It's therefore good when you pay attention to the release of tension. That enhances communication in areas previously tensed up.

Massage therapy is something you need regularly. Improve your health and immunity by booking massage sessions with reputable therapists who will help you out of your pain and give you a better reason to smile.

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