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What Are the Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed?

Update Date: Sep 06, 2020 04:18 PM EDT
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If you're shopping for a bed tailored to your individual sleeping needs, an adjustable bed may be the perfect solution for those sleepers struggling to find a mattress that checks off their wishlist. With an adjustable bed like My UpBed, you can improve digestion and circulation, lessen swelling, and simultaneously relieve back pain.

Along with its circulation-improving and insomnia-curing benefits, an adjustable bed allows you the freedom to lower or raise your head and feet to the desired incline, promoting healing and pain relief. With the click of a few buttons, you can adjust the upper half of your mattress into an upright position, perfect for enjoying a night of watching TV or reading in bed.

Initially, you could only find these adjustable beds in hospitals, as these beds catered to the needs of physically-disabled patients, those experiencing severe or chronic pain, and those unable to hold their heads for eating, drinking, etc. Today, anyone can buy one for their own home, meaning you can experience the same health benefits characteristic of hospital beds from the comfort of your bedroom. If you need some convincing before purchase, here are the main health benefits of an adjustable bed.

It lessens back pain

Those seeking back pain reduction should explore the world of adjustable beds. With a standard mattress, your tossing and turning may cause your spine to misalign. Some parts of your body may be absorbing too much pressure, causing inconveniencing back pain.

As a solution, some sleepers opt to tuck a pillow in between their legs, which isn't always successful in realigning your spine or reducing those occasional backaches. When you purchase an adjustable mattress, you can simply press a button and raise your bed and upper body with minimal exerted effort.

By adjusting to an upright position, you can reduce the compression that usually occurs on the lower back. You can also raise the bottom portion of your bed to relieve the pressure typically exerted in the middle of the spine. How you adjust your mattress will depend on where you're experiencing pain. With the help of beds like My UpBed, you can adjust your mattress until your pain disappears.

Alleviates breathing problems

Sleeping experts believe that those who complain of breathing issues, sleep apnea, and other sleeping disorders exhibit a less-than-ideal sleeping position. Doctors recommend that you elevate your head when sleeping to avoid indigestion that blocks your airway.

Some sleepers will try to ease the pain by propping their head on a stack of pillows, but this can cause a tremendous amount of daily discomfort if your upper body lies flat on the bed while lumpy pillows strain your neck. With an adjustable bed, you can incline the entire upper half of your body, allowing you to sleep comfortably and soundly.

When you elevate your head correctly, your airway stays open, promoting better breathing and a good night's sleep. Besides sleeping comfortably, an adjustable bed also relieves asthma-related symptoms while reducing potentially disruptive snoring, as it positions your airway in a way that's conducive to optimal airflow.

Helps reduce arthritis pain

Sleeping on a standard mattress can exert too much pressure on delicate body structures. Now, imagine that you have arthritis or chronic pain. With an overly-soft or unsupportive mattress, these feelings of discomfort will worsen when you sleep. However, if you own an adjustable bed, you can toggle the mattress up and down to your liking and can cuddle into a comfortable sleeping position when it's time to retire to bed.

If you sleep comfortably and undisturbed at night, you'll glow during your pain-free days and pain-free nights. To relieve your chronic pain, you should lower your lower body in the morning to encourage better blood flow stimulation.

Prevent or reduce leg swelling

Most pregnant women suffer from swollen legs, especially in the third trimester. An adjustable bed can help reduce swelling by elevating your lower body while you sleep. Along with fulfilling the needs of pregnant sleepers, these adjustable beds are also ideal for those who suffered an injury or those working long hours performing manual labor.

If you were to lie your lower body flat on the bed, it might exacerbate already-existing swelling, leading to debilitating pain. For those sleepers looking for a quick, cheap fix, you could tuck pillows under your legs, but they're prone to shift around throughout the night. Achieve optimal results by purchasing an adjustable bed.

Improved digestion

Experts believe an adjustable bed can improve digestion, even in a deep slumber. When your upper body remains elevated, your stomach remains above the intestines, helping the digestive tract to continue operating smoothly. When you sleep flat on your bed, it can slow or inhibit digestion cycles and allow discomfort-causing acid to collect.

To reduce morning neck pain and headaches

Do you wake up with a stiff neck and headache almost every day? Several factors could contribute to this pain, but this discomfort's primary explanation is a strained neck. With an adjustable bed, your neck won't contort into uncomfortable positions. Simply elevate your upper body, and it will release that pressure you exert on your neck every night.


If you're contemplating buying an adjustable bed, you are on the right track of prioritizing your physical health. With optimal comfort a few clicks away, there's no reason you shouldn't enjoy these innumerable health benefits.

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