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Is Luxury Drug Treatment Effective?

Update Date: Apr 08, 2020 11:44 AM EDT
Is Luxury Drug Treatment Effective?
(Photo : Is Luxury Drug Treatment Effective?)

There are a whole host of approaches to treating drug addiction available today, the effectiveness of which will depend on a range of factors.

You may have heard about luxury drug treatment facilities which promise relief from the burden of addiction in combination with high end service in opulent surroundings. So what benefits are offered by a luxury treatment center and are there any drawbacks to consider?

The personal touch

In standard residential rehabilitation centers, patients can expect to share rooms and facilities with many other people, and it is likely that those receive treatment will outnumber those providing it to them. Conversely, luxury rehab is focused on treating small numbers of patients using large numbers of professionals, which in turn allows a truly bespoke approach to treatment to be made available.

This also means that there is less stress, less pressure and more privacy, giving patients the ability to really escape the triggering circumstances in their daily lives that were causing their substance abuse in the first place.

The latest medical solutions

The concept of luxury rehab is not just about placing patients in lush surroundings and pampering them; it is also about providing access to cutting edge treatments that might not be found elsewhere.

An entirely holistic approach to treatment tends to be the norm in this context, with physicians administering frequent tests to see how a patient is progressing and tweaking treatments accordingly. From IV drips and weekly blood work to round-the-clock care provided by nursing staff, the every need of the patient is considered.

This all-encompassing strategy also includes alternative medicines, such as those derived from ancient herbal recipes, all topped off with dietary planning based around organic, fresh ingredients that help with detoxification.

The recovery process

As hinted at earlier, it is fairly tricky to come up with a firm figure for the success rates of any drug treatment program, because there are lots of variables to take into account and conflicting arguments about the way that addiction should be tackled in the first place.

There are also different types of luxury rehab packages to consider, some of which stick with established medical practices while others lean more definitively towards alternative options that seek to use traditional medicines rather than modern equivalents.

Another thing to mention is the cost, which is appropriately pitched to earn the 'luxury' tag, putting it out of reach of all but the most affluent patients.

Finally, it is important to appreciate that drug addiction is not something which can be cured outright; it instead needs to be made manageable, so that the sufferer can live with their addiction and not let it get in the way of their professional responsibilities or personal relationships. Figures vary across different studies, but anywhere up to 60 percent of addicts who undergo treatment subsequently manage to remain sober in the long term, so if you can afford luxury rehab then it makes sense to begin your recovery in the best possible setting.

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