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How Soon Should I Contact My Lawyer After My Car Accident?

Update Date: Mar 04, 2020 10:21 PM EST
How Soon Should I Contact My Lawyer After My Car Accident?
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If you have been involved in a car accident that caused you injury, then you have a lot to deal with. There are important decisions to be made that will affect your ability to be compensated for your injuries and file claims to pay for medical expenses. Not many people plan for having to do this, but it's very important that you know the timeline of events that needs to occur once you have been involved in an accident. 

When to contact an attorney

One of the most important steps in the entire process of dealing with an auto accident that ended in injuries is to contact your attorney to find out your options when it comes to recouping your losses and being compensated for your injuries and expenses. 

When it comes to how soon should you contact an accident attorney, the answer is that you should contact your accident lawyer as soon as possible after your car accident. After you receive any necessary medical attention and gather your evidence, give your attorney a call right away. The sooner that you file a claim and get your lawyer involved, the better your chances are of receiving a favorable outcome.  

What to do after an accident

Before you call an attorney about your injury and accident, there are some other steps that you will have to take. After any car accident, the most important thing that you should do is seek medical attention and call the authorities. Safety is the first concern and getting in touch with the right authorities is the first priority. Even if you don't think that your injuries from the accident are serious, it is still important to seek out medical attention. Many injuries that are sustained during a car accident will take a long time to show up and start to hurt. Seeking medical attention right away could prevent you from having a long-term sustained injury and could also help your claim. 

When you do seek medical attention, you should be sure to keep any documentation or receipts that you receive when you seek that attention. This documentation will be important later on when filing a lawsuit or a claim request for compensation for your expenses. If you fail to seek medical attention or do not provide documentation of your expenses and procedures, then your claim could easily be denied, or you might not have enough proof to file a lawsuit to reclaim our losses. 

Finally, you will want to gain any documentation or evidence that you can from the scene of the accident. You should take photos of all the damages and injuries that occurred as a result as well as the positions of the vehicles involved. Be sure to document everything about the scene. In addition, collect eyewitness accounts and contact information of those that were part of the accident or those that witnessed the accident. This information can help you later on when filing for a request for compensation. Be sure to also give the police officers all of the information that they request when filling out their police report. 

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