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How to Break Bad Habits and Start Eating Better

Update Date: Jan 10, 2020 05:34 PM EST
How to Break Bad Habits and Start Eating Better
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Most people are aware of the importance of watching what they eat. It is not only essential for maintaining a healthy weight, but healthy eating also helps to treat and reduce the risk of many life-threatening illnesses. Unfortunately, there's a big difference between knowing what's right and doing what's right. For many of those who struggle with sticking to your healthy eating goals, it's getting past the bad habits that make it so challenging. 

Many of the foods and beverages on the market taste great, but possess very little nutritional value and/or contain ingredients that are harmful to your health. However, when addictive content like sugar, salt, and fat in most products today, getting people to stop eating what they shouldn't have and start eating what they should is an uphill battle. 

Cold Turkey Doesn't Often Work

Most people make the decision to start eating better simply eliminate all unhealthy foods from their diet at once. Much like having an addiction to drugs or alcohol, however, the body begins to crave the sugars, fats, and salt. You essentially give in to these cravings and binge. That's why, if you're going to break bad habits and eat better, it is recommended that you start small. Below are some solutions to help you break common eating habits and start eating better. 

Find Healthy (But Tasty) Alternatives

If you want to start eating better, one idea would be to find healthy, but delicious alternatives to some of your favorite snacks and meals. When you can create or purchase something that tastes a lot like your unhealthy favorites, you're less inclined to indulge in things you shouldn't have. For example, if you love fried chicken which is high in saturated fats and salt, you can make oven-fried chicken using panko bread crumbs. When seasoned with the right ingredients, it can taste just as good as the real thing. Can't get enough pizza? You don't have to give it up completely. Simply opt for healthier alternatives like wheat or gluten-free crust and load up on fresh fruits and veggies. Whatever your food weaknesses are, there are sure to be tons of healthier recipes online you can try. 

Always Keep Healthy Snacks Nearby

Those midday and midnight snack cravings are certainly bad habits to kill. Just between meal times you start to feel a bit hungry and grab the closest and quickest thing to keep you satisfied. If you're at work, that could be a bagel from the breakroom or some chips and soda from the vending machine. If you're on the go, a quick stop at a fast-food restaurant for some fries and a milkshake. To curb those cravings while also sticking to your goal to eat better you should always have healthy snacks on hand. They have protein shakes for women that are not only delicious but filling enough to tide you over until lunch. A bag of plantain chips with sea salt can knock out those cravings in between lunch and dinner. You can find products such as these premade or you can create your own healthy snacks at home. Just be sure they're easily accessible at home and on the go. 

Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

A big problem people have with eating better is avoiding sugar. Not only is sugar found in just about everything you eat, but the taste is also so stimulating to your tastebuds that you just can't seem to get enough. You can satisfy that sweet tooth, however, by keeping sweet yet healthy treats around. If you love snacking on chewy candies switch to Keto chews. You can also find sugar-free or baked goods with alternative sweeteners that taste just as great as the real thing. Try things like cookies, cakes, brownies, and candy bars, made with healthy all-natural ingredients to satisfy that sweet tooth. If you have the time and love baking, you can also try making some at home yourself. 

Eating healthy should be a way of life. However, when you've become accustomed to bad habits like consuming unhealthy and even addictive foods for a better part of your life it can be hard to make the switch. In order to stick to your healthy eating goals, it is often best to take baby steps in breaking your bad habits and incorporating hacks like those described above. In doing so, you get one step closer to fueling your mind and body with the nutrition it needs daily. 

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