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How Making Important Life Decisions Helps Shape Who We Are

Update Date: Jan 04, 2020 09:49 AM EST
How Making Important Life Decisions Helps Shape Who We Are
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An important life event can affect the decisions about education, career, and lifestyle. A person may be inspired to dedicate his or her life to helping people after being exposed to social problems in a community. Some problems from housing, legislation and health care services could motivate a person to choose a career as a leader who can promote social change in a city.

Personal Choices for a Lifestyle

The choice for a career can affect the decisions about a lifestyle because a lifestyle can affect a professional reputation, such as for an architect, dentist, doctor or lawyer. The clients for an architect or lawyer prefer to use services from a professional who is a respected member of a community. Patients prefer to get medical advice from a reliable dentist or doctor who wants to help patients to improve the quality of his or her life.

College Programs for Professional Careers

The formal training for a professional career can include several years of college and also graduate school. The person should be prepared to become a hardworking, dedicated professional. The opportunity to become a social leader would probably require an undergraduate school degree, such as an architecture degree, or a graduate degree from a law school, medical school or school of dentistry. The person would have a social responsibility for providing professional services for the members of a community.

Conservative Lifestyles for Professional Careers

A person who had a busy nightlife and who had made controversial public statements could decide to change his or her lifestyle and public statements to protect a professional reputation. Many business professionals choose a conservative lifestyle to avoid social conflicts. The requirement for influencing the public opinion about a business could force a person to choose safe hobbies instead of dangerous hobbies, such as golf instead of driving race cars.

Professional Careers for Social Leaders

The members of a community are influenced by the professional opinions of social leaders. An architect could rally support for government programs for low-income housing complexes. A lawyer could lobby for new legislation for safer roadways. The special services from a dentist or a doctor could inspire other dentists or doctors to provide more services for patients, such as online appointments and website information about each medical procedure. The public opinion about the lifestyle of a person and the quality of the services from a person can affect the professional reputation of that person.

Character Traits for Professional Careers

Our individual character traits can affect the path and impact of our professional careers. The conscientiousness of an architect could inspire clients to feel confident about the design of a building. The trustworthiness of a lawyer could motivate clients and judges to respect the lawyer. The integrity of a dentist or doctor could inspire patients to feel safe in a medical office. The lifestyle for a professional career is usually centered on providing services for clients or patients and not on frivolous fun.

Important Life Decisions for Professional Careers

The choices for a career can affect the choices for education and lifestyle. A person who wants to earn a degree from a graduate school should be prepared to modify his or her schedule to accommodate some study time for college courses for several years. The decision to become a business professional can motivate a person to try to solve social problems. The important life decisions for a career can help to shape the character traits of a person, such as loyalty and generosity.


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