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Holiday Traditions for Bringing People Closer Together

Update Date: Jan 04, 2020 09:30 AM EST
Holiday Traditions for Bringing People Closer Together
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The holidays are upon us. For young and old alike, the holidays can be a busy, but special, time. Events abound, friends and families gather, and traditions are passed from one generation to the next. As families grow, new traditions are added to the old ones. Observing old and new traditions brings a sense of closeness between people. Here are five of the greatest holiday traditions for bringing people closer together this season.

Decorating the House

Nothing says holiday quite like a festive environment. When it's time to create a new tablescape or trim the tree, it's fun to involve friends and family in the process. Hosting a decorating party is a fun tradition that gives a lively feel to the task of decorating. As decorations are placed and ornaments are hung, participants will naturally begin to tell stories of holidays past and reminisce about other fun times with friends and family. Some people choose to turn a tree trimming party into an ornament exchange between friends with the host using mainly ornaments received that year for their decor.

Giving Gifts

Many holiday traditions revolve around the tried and true practice of exchanging gifts with loved ones. Friends and family alike find pleasure in finding and purchasing the perfect gift for each other. The process of choosing just the right item requires thought about the recipient's personality and interests as well as what the status of a relationship currently is. When you are ready to take the next step in your relationship, the holidays are often the time to purchase jewelry for your loved one. Whether it's one-of-a-kind estate diamond jewelry or something more modern and new, it signifies your commitment to building new traditions with them. Regardless of your choice of gifts, the act of giving and receiving gifts creates new memories and new bonds as well as strengthening old ones.

Watching Holiday Movies

Like decorating and gift-giving, a holiday movie night can evoke pleasant memories of past holiday experiences. Whether you gather around the television with your immediate family or you gather with a group of friends, watching holiday movies can be exactly the activity that gets you into the cheerful holiday spirit. Turn movie night into a party with finger foods, or pizza delivery. Movie choices abound. Some people enjoy viewing the classic holiday stories year after year while others opt for viewing a new find each season.

Going Caroling

Most people enjoy the music of the holidays. One of the most fun traditions for music lovers is gathering friends and family and sharing their love of music with others. Walking the neighborhood and singing favorite holiday songs can bring joy to both the carolers and the spectators. Alternatively, caroling for an assisted living facility or nursing home can bring joy to those who are no longer able to visit with family for the holidays. If you choose to give the gift of song for the older population, you are likely to hear stories of their favorite holiday memories as well as adding memories or your own.

Dining with Family

A holiday just isn't complete without a gathering around the table with the family. Perhaps the same person brings the same side dish every year. Or, maybe Grandma insists on providing the entire meal. Whatever your family tradition, the food is not as important as the laughter and the memories made.

There is no time like the holidays for bringing people closer together. New and old traditions leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.


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