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Best 5 Students Spots in India

Update Date: Dec 16, 2019 03:27 PM EST

If you're studying at one of India's several world-class universities, you should see as much of the country as you can. India is a country like no other, and immersing yourself in the landscape, culture, and people will teach you just as many lessons as a university will.

Some of the best places to visit in India are scattered across this exotic country, with each province offering the visitor something uniquely fascinating. So, if you're looking for things to do in India, here are five destinations to consider.

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Goa is a well-known tourist destination in India, situated on the country's western coastline. It's the perfect student hotspot because of its gorgeous beaches and lively atmosphere.

You can enjoy beaches, such as Baga Beach, Palolem Beach, and Anjuna Beach, or any other spot along the pristine coastline by day. There are loads of watersports and adventure activities for the wild at heart, or you can spend a day lazing on the sand. 

By night, Goa is a party destination with several pubs and clubs that will push your varsity blues right to a distant corner of your mind. You can party the night away and wake up the next morning ready to do it all over again.


Puducherry, affectionately known as Pondy, is a must-see for visitors seeking to experience India's diverse culture and rich history. Its French colonial past is evident in the town's architecture.

Foodies will appreciate Pondicherry's culinary delights, which include authentic French, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, and Mexican food. But if you're in India for the local cuisine, have no fear, since some of the best Indian food on earth is available there too.

Puducherry is situated on India's southeast coast and boasts beautiful beaches with plenty of activities for visitors. These include scuba diving, boating, and bicycle tours. This destination also has a bustling nightlife if you're looking for a good time.

Kuari Pass Trek

Nature lovers won't want to 'pass' up the chance to walk the Kuari Pass Trek. After all, no visit to India would be replete without visiting the world's highest mountain range, the Himalayas. 

If you're no master mountaineer, there's no need to worry, as the Kuari Pass Trek is a moderate trek that will suit beginners. It follows ancient forest trails, and during the hike, you'll get gorgeous panoramic views of the area's splendor. 

Professional writers will give you reliable assignment help deadlines while you're soaking up the serenity of the pass. You'll also get to camp overnight with your friends and enjoy their companionship in the glow of a blazing campfire. 


Your list of cool places to travel if you study in India must include Coorg if you're looking for a unique experience. Located inland in the western part of India, Coorg is also known as Kodagu.

One of the highlights will be the chance to bathe elephants at the local camp that houses retired logging elephants. This activity is a must if you don't mind getting down and dirty!

Coorg has a large Tibetan settlement, and you can learn about this interesting culture there. Much of Tibetan culture is shrouded in mystery, and visiting the country involves a lot of red tape. But in Coorg, you can access the Tibetan way of life by visiting its many temples, markets, restaurants, and local artists.

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India is famous for the Ganges River, which is one of the world's longest waterways. It is revered as holy in Indian culture and treated with great respect by the locals and the pilgrims who visit it. 

The city of Rishikesh is alongside the Ganges River and boasts a host of activities for adventurous visitors. You can start with some whitewater rafting down some pretty intense rapids. If your thirst for adventure is still not quenched, try the bungee jumping to get your adrenaline pumping.

You can spend the night camping by the riverside with your fellow travelers. A beautiful bonfire and a sky full of stars... who could ask for more?


This list is by no means exhaustive, and the number of places you should visit if you're studying in India is seemingly never-ending. However, if you're like any other student, you'll be strapped for cash, meaning that finances will play an integral role in your travel decisions.

Your greatest resource will be your fellow students, especially those from India. They can give you a lot of advice on how and where to travel without emptying your bank account. Then you can take advantage of the chance to experience incredible India while you're a university student.

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Joshua Robinson is a career counselor working with students from college and universities to help them make smart decisions about what they want to do in their professional lives. His guidance has helped many students build successful small businesses, startups and winning corporate careers. In his free time, he works on his job site, plays tennis and practices mindfulness.

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