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How to Save on Inhaler Cost Now

Update Date: Dec 12, 2019 04:02 PM EST

Did you know that asthma impacts over 25 million people in the United States alone?

When you or your family have the condition, your doctor may prescribe expensive inhalers that your insurance won't cover. Or, you may be unlucky to have high copays that still make you struggle financially.

But you have several ways to reduce your inhaler cost if you're open to changing how and where you buy your medication. This little extra work will literally pay off.

Read on for four ways to lower your inhaler cost today.

1. Check Your Inhaler Manufacturer's Website

Manufacturers of popular inhaler brands often offer inhaler coupons or discount card programs on their websites.

Whether or not you have insurance, you can print these out and take them to your pharmacy. You can get your inhalers for a low cost or sometimes even nothing at all!

So head to your inhaler manufacturer's website to look for a savings or coupon option. You may need to meet financial requirements or fill out an application to qualify.

2. Choose the Generic Option for Your Inhaler

Want an easy way to lower your inhaler cost by up to 80 percent? Then ask your doctor or pharmacist for a generic of your inhaler.

While some new inhalers might not have one yet, generics exist for popular brands like ProAir and Advair. Your generic inhaler will have the same quality and be safe to use. The difference will be the money you save!

3. Look Into Financial Assistance for Prescriptions

Besides discounts from makers of inhaler brands, you have general prescription assistance programs to consider. These often come through non-profit organizations or governments and require an application showing financial need.

For example, Prescription Hope can help you get your inhaler for $50 a month. Operation Family Help offers prescription assistance on inhalers for people in Missouri.

Your pharmacist or doctor may point you to local assistance options, so don't hesitate to ask.

4. Get Your Inhalers From Canada

Does your inhaler lack a generic version and you can't find coupons or assistance programs you qualify for? Don't worry since you're not completely out of luck!

You can look for your medicated inhaler at a Canadian pharmacy online and have it mailed to you. You'll need to upload or fax a valid inhaler prescription and pay online with your credit card.

But before placing that order, know about drug import laws to avoid trouble when your medication enters the United States. Do thorough research to make sure your chosen Canadian pharmacy doesn't defraud customers and will offer safe medications.

Now You Can Cut Your Inhaler Cost

These tips can help you relieve the financial burden of buying your inhalers, but they're not all you can do.

No matter where you choose to buy the inhalers, do a lot of online research and price comparison first. Check your insurance benefits to see how costs may vary by purchase method. Lastly, contact your doctor to see whether using an alternative inhaler brand or obtaining free samples is an option for you.

Now that you can lower your inhaler cost, check out our other posts about lifestyle topics.

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