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Improve Your Daily Life By Stimulating Your Senses

Update Date: Dec 02, 2019 01:22 PM EST

We use our five senses to perceive the world around us. Being able to process this information in a comfortable way is something we take for granted, but when one of our senses is diminished, it can really impact how we navigate spaces and carry out daily tasks.

We carry out activities to stimulate our senses from an early age, with bright colors, toys that encourage us to feel different textures, and songs, and sounds that train out ears to detect different animals, objects, and emotions. Later in life, we might come back to soothing or stimulating our senses as we notice our faculties deteriorating.

What if there were some pleasant activities that we could add to our lives now that would keep the stimulation of our senses on the right track? We could remind ourselves of the different ways to experience our environment, which will keep our senses active and improve our general well-being. We took this opportunity to share with you some ideas to stimulate each of your senses.


Our skin is often one of our most neglected organs. It goes through a lot as we pass through life, including enduring both hot and cold temperatures, uncomfortable surfaces, and cheap materials. Just like when we were young, we can surround ourselves with a variety of textures and take the time to feel and enjoy them.

Our skin relies on a supply of blood to the surface to really feel sensations. An excellent way to stimulate blood flow and to experience feelings on the skin is through massage. We recommend you learn more about massage as it allows us to think beyond our hands and fingertips. Nude massage is an optimal way to stimulate this sense, as your body experiences the sensation of touch in many places. 



Gardens are wonderful places for the senses. They offer bright colors, different textures,  the sounds of life such as bees and birds or a water feature, and, most importantly, a range of pleasant scents.

Whether you have a big space or just a window box, you can enjoy the greenery and smells that will stimulate.  Sweet-smelling flowers like roses and jasmine produce wonderful scents, which you can smell the moment you step into your garden.  Another great option is plants that smell when you touch them. You could try lavender or herbs, such as rosemary, mint, and sage. 


This is perhaps the one sense that receives too much stimulation already. Many of us now spend a large portion of our lives looking at digital displays.  We play games and check social media on our cell phones during our commute, work at our laptops at our desks for most of the day, then switch off in the evening by watching some television.

The best way to avoid eye strain is to take regular breaks. We recommend going one step further and limiting your exposure when possible. When choosing what to do at the weekend,  aim for outdoors activities such as going for a walk, or instead of choosing to go to the cinema, have lunch with a friend or check out an art exhibition. 


We can't improve our hearing as we go through life, but we can practice the way we listen and learn to experience sounds in a different way. One of the best ways to do this is by spending time listening to sounds while shutting off our other senses.

The most enjoyable way to do this is to get comfortable in a room. Ensure there are no distractions such as other sounds, bright lights, or strong smells.  The next step is to close your eyes and listen to a piece of music. It could be your favorite album or new track. Once you focus on just this one sense, you will really come to appreciate the beauty of the sound. 


We can look after our taste buds by ensuring good oral hygiene. If you make cleaning your tongue a regular part of brushing your teeth, you can remove the plaque another bacteria that builds up, and unblock your taste buds.

When it comes to tasting food, you can ensure that your tongue is prepared for flavor by rinsing your mouth with water before a meal. Whether you are tasting your favorite dessert or trying out some new spices in a recipe, you can take time to stimulate the sense of taste by lingering over your food. Take a minute or two extra as you chew to make sure that the food has reached every receptor in your mouth, and you'll get the full flavor profile. 

Simple Steps

We hope you feel ready to take on these simple steps and start to feel the benefits of stimulating your senses. It makes a difference to our overall mood, our experience of the world, and keeps us sharp and more open to the delights of life.

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