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3 Ways to Use Technology to Heal After Rehab

Update Date: Nov 20, 2019 08:41 PM EST
3 Ways to Use Technology to Heal After Rehab
(Photo : 3 Ways to Use Technology to Heal After Rehab)

Going through rehab for substance abuse can be emotionally lonely but also helps you repair yourself and relationships. Years of drinking or using drugs take a toll on your physical and mental well being. You may have done things you aren't proud of and hurt family and friends as you struggled. The professionals at rehabilitation programs such as the Polaris Teen Center remind you that you deserve happiness positive goals are attainable. 

You spent time repairing relationships, self-esteem, and learning to live a fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol. Once you leave, you need to continue your journey towards a healthy and happy lifestyle. Technology easily complements this healing process. 

Discover creative ways with tablets, cameras, and Chromebooks to convey thoughts and meaningful art. More importantly, devices let you reach others who may also be suffering. The following are three ways to use technology as a part of healing after rehab.


Chromebooks are smaller, and lighter versions of laptops. When it's time to decide which one, it comes down to preferences and which you'll have more use for. There are many similar traits between them. For example, the use of apps, portability, fast use, and syncing to your android phone and devices. The differences between are few; laptops hold more storage but you can purchase more cloud space for your Chromebook. Laptops can run both apps and computer programs. Two big differences may include pricing and virus protection. Chromebooks can significantly be cheaper than laptops (unless you score one great sale!). Google has created a virus-free zone when searching the net on your Chromebook. 

Since everything is heavily reliant on the use of the Internet, protecting is crucial so you don't have to stress about venturing into cyberspace. You can find competitive wholesale prices at The Store, an online marketplace that brings you discounts on your favorite brands.

One great use of your Chromebook is to develop a unique, personalized blog. A blog can be thought of like an online diary that can be kept for your private, personal use, or made public. These small computers allow you to travel anyway for inspiration such as the local coffee shop or a special nook inside your home. You can add pictures, favorite quotes, and individualize it. Add widgets to your social media so it lets people follow you and receive email updates when you've written something new. 

Finding healthy human connections are a crucial part of a long term recovery. Now you can easily bring your Chromebook along anywhere you go when inspiration hits.


Tablets have everything you need to find healing and relaxation at your fingertips. Social media apps to keep in contact with healthy and positive people. You can explore #MentalHealthAwareness and #BreakTheStigma to find thousands of people worldwide who wish to connect and know they aren't alone. Motivational apps give you a wide array of options like inspirational quotes, healthy habits to follow, and teaching you calming breathing exercises.

You can add all your favorite streaming apps to watch your favorite movies while waiting for your therapy session to begin (or a shortcut to your online blog). You don't have to worry about leaving your coloring book at home when you're on the go. Adult coloring books and apps can lower anxieties, especially after rehab. You might find it difficult to channel your energy when you're feeling depressed and anxious. Coloring can be beneficial for reducing stress, anxiety, and help blossom a hidden love for artistic expressiveness. 

Digital Cameras

You don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy this form of fun stress relief. Digital cameras can encourage you to snap away and find unusual things and places that you find amazing. Many cameras have options to change settings depending on the picture you're trying to capture. Macro, for example, can isolate close subjects. Photographing the inside of flowers is a common use of this option. 

If you can't afford a camera, don't worry; many smartphones can take great pictures. Downloading apps like Prisma let you play with different artist tones, isolate colors, and even transform your picture into geometric shapes. Photos of trees and other greenery may improve your mood according to one study. You might as well fill your space with pictures that mean something in addition to discovering new, beautiful places. 

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