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Private Health & Rehab Costs: Everything You Need to Know Before Going to Rehab

Update Date: Nov 20, 2019 08:37 PM EST
Private Health & Rehab Costs: Everything You Need to Know Before Going to Rehab
(Photo : Private Health & Rehab Costs: Everything You Need to Know Before Going to Rehab)

What to Know Before Entering Rehab 

If you're a drug addict or alcoholic in need of treatment, yet the cost is holding you back, there are a few things you can consider. should you not have insurance, there are short-term plans you can get that will help cover the cost and save you a lot more than enrolling in yearly insurance plan. 

Another option is to look into rehab centers in Canada. Due to the exchange rate, the cost of a quality, private treatment center there is a fraction of what it would cost if you enrolled in a private rehab center in the US. 

Getting the Health Insurance You Need

In this day and age, all of our experiences such as shopping or using our smartphones are becoming more tailored to our needs. So, why can't the same thing apply to health insurance? 

As policies under the Affordable Care Act have become less affordable, the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, and Treasury submitted a proposal in February of 2018 "to extend the availability of a more affordable, more individualized form of insurance, called short-term limited duration health insurance plans." This was a major step forward for people who otherwise might not have been able to afford health care.

One company that offers short-term insurance coverage is Agile Health Insurance. If you're unsure, visit their site for a free health insurance quote to get an idea of the cost. Short term insurance covers unexpected accidents and illnesses, among other things. Not only are these plans much less expensive, but they're a flexible option for people who need insurance during a transition in their lives or are looking for a solution outside of Obamacare.

If you're in need of a quality rehab facility, look into the short term plans that companies like Agile Health Insurance offer, as signing up for something short-term can help you pay for the costs of entering a private drug rehab program as opposed to one operated by the government. If you're unable to pay for treatment, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that people who have "no insurance or are underinsured, will be referred to you the state office which is responsible for state-funded treatment programs." These state-funded treatment programs, while they help addicts detox and offer support, don't offer the attentiveness and personalized care that a private rehab center can. 

Photo Credit: Arizona Drug Rehab

Save Money by Going to a Private Rehab Facility in Canada

Private rehab facilities like those offered by the Canadian Centre for Addictions are more tailored to addition in general, compared to public rehab facilities. In the USA, addicts who can't afford treatment are forced into general mental health rehab centers that don't focus on their recovery like a private center such as ccfa can. On top of that, you actually pay less to enter into a Canadian private rehab program if you're from the US. 

At CCFA, the focus isn't on the money but instead on what patients get out of the program. Despite the fact that they have to charge to stay in business, the facility doesn't prevent entry to addicts needling help but who can't pay up front. They offer financing and consider themselves a "fee-for-service" rehab.

Private rehab centers lead to better recovery outcomes than the "public sector treatment programs that have been forced to operate under limited budgets with little access to sophisticated services." Because it's a private facility, the Canadian Centre for Addictions can focus on patients in need of recovery from drugs, alcohol, and other substances. However, public rehab programs are run more like general psychiatric wards with patients suffering from a variety of mental health issues, who are treated alongside and in the same way as drug addicts and alcoholics. It's obvious that addicts don't get the personalized attention, structure, and support that they need. 

These are reasons why private rehab facilities are worth the cost. Whether they're paid for with the help of short term insurance in the US or are sought out by patients looking for cheaper personalized treatment in Canada, it is usually a good idea to resort to these resources.

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