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Making an Impact: How to Grab Attention and Give a Good Presentation

Update Date: Nov 14, 2019 08:50 AM EST
Making an Impact: How to Grab Attention and Give a Good Presentation
(Photo : Making an Impact: How to Grab Attention and Give a Good Presentation)

About 10% of people enjoy public speaking. The rest, not so much. One big fear is that you give your presentation and fail to make an impact.

You can avoid that fate by knowing how to give a good presentation. These things don't just happen overnight. There are ways you can be strategic in your preparation.

Do you want to know the top ways to deliver an unforgettable presentation? Keep reading to find out.

1. Decide the Purpose

The best presentations are designed to get people to do something. It may be to sign up a new corporate client. You may want to inspire people to get people to buy your book or program in the back.

Whenever you give a presentation, you need to have a purpose. That will help you with the content of the speech. The content should lead to the end of the presentation, which is where you have a call to action.

2. Do Not Read Your Presentation

Do you know the fastest way to lose your audience? Have your entire speech written on PowerPoint slides and read it.

You might as well print out a copy of your presentation and hand it out to your audience.

3. Ask Questions

If you want people to stay with you during your entire presentation, keep them engaged. For longer presentations, you can keep them engaged by asking them questions. Don't make them hard questions, otherwise, they will be embarrassed to try to answer.

You can give them the answer in a previous part of the presentation. If it's an important point, you can repeat it, and then ask the audience about it.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

You may not think that you need to practice your presentation and you'll get by on winging it. Think again. You'll want to know your presentation inside and out.

Giving a presentation can fray the nerves. The more prepared you are, the more confidence you'll have. That will turn into a great presentation.

5. Be Smart with Design Templates

One thing that many presenters do is misuse presentation templates. They may have the text on the slides, which can be cramped and too hard to read.

The purpose of using presentation slides is to highlight important points in your presentation. You can do that with interactive charts, images, or bullet points. You want to use presentation templates that are congruent with your brand as well.

How to Give a Good Presentation

It's hard to give a good presentation that doesn't make you break out into a sweat when you think about it.

There are five steps to learn how to give a good presentation. Give your presentation a couple of run-throughs and figure out where you can get the audience engaged. You also want to make sure you know your material and you have the confidence to deliver.

Your presentation should be so good, when you ask people to take action, they're more than happy to do it.

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