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Top 4 Exercises For All Gamers

Update Date: Nov 07, 2019 10:29 AM EST
Top 4 Exercises For All Gamers
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If you're an avid gamer you'd know that dedicated people like us can spend endless number of hours trying to improve our gaming skills, parked on a couch or chair for as long as required.

Regardless of whether you're playing on a console or a PC, a large majority of video gaming happens in the sitting down position these days. Although this might be the ideal way to maintain your concentration levels while playing these games, sitting in a wrong posture for prolonged time periods can prove to be very harmful for your overall health. Some of the common health problems faced by gamers across the world include decreased blood circulation, diabetes, weight gain, muscle loss etc., all of which are characteristics of a sedentary lifestyle.

In order to help you keep all such problems at bay, we will share the top 4 exercises that should be done by all the gaming enthusiasts out there. These are very simple movements which can help you take care of some of the negative health effects of sitting for long hours while gaming. You should even invest in some passive exercise machines to move your lower body without the need of taking breaks from gaming. In the times when people can even possibly get rid of gambling addiction with the help of a spray, what's stopping you from making the most of modern-day technologies to take best care of your health! Onto the exercises now!


Position yourself on the front edge of your chair or couch. Now adjust your feet on the floor, with both legs hip-width apart. Try standing up using only your legs. Please make sure that you maintain a head-up position in order to keep the core continuously engaged. This sit-to-stand movement will exercise your glute and leg muscles, pumping blood throughout your body.10 of these sit-to-stands at least twice day will keep you in good shape. Furthermore, you should also take care of your diet when engaged in marathon gaming sessions.

Ankle roll

Lift your feet from the ground (alternately) and roll your ankles in both directions 5 times each. Doing such ankle rolls will give some much needed motion and exercise to your ankle joints and improve blood supply to your feet. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions each, for both the ankles.

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Neck roll

Neck rolls are very important to stretch the neck muscles and give some movement to your cervical spine. To perform this exercise slowly move your chin towards your chest; now start rolling back your head towards the right shoulder all the way round to the left, returning to the starting position. Do 5 repetitions in one direction and then switch to the other direction for 5 more.

Side reach

This exercise can be performed in either standing or sitting position. Bring one of your hands straight up and place the other on your hip. Now stretch the hand that is up towards the opposite side in order to stretch the side of your body, spine and back muscles, as well as to exercise your oblique muscles. Hold this position for at least 2 seconds. Now switch sides and do the same with the other hand. You should perform at least 5 such side reaches after every hour of game play.

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