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10 tips to exercise safely

Update Date: Oct 28, 2019 10:38 PM EDT
10 tips to exercise safely
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There is a multitude of physical, social and emotional health benefits of exercising regularly. Exercising is needed to ensure that your body stays healthy and injury-free. Moreover, when it is painless and safe, you are more likely to stick to it. Safety involves common sense. You must understand the basic techniques and always listen to your body. Before you start any physical activity program, it is a good idea to go to a doctor for a check-up. He will offer you some specific tips so that you stay safe while exercising.  

Here, we are discussing with you 10 such safety tips that will help you exercise injury-free. Let's get started. 

Be aware of your body

Ashima who is a full-time Yogini and also offers part-time accounting homework help online says, that whenever you include any new exercise in your regime, consider how it is making you feel. If ever there's anything that doesn't feel right, you must stop immediately and reach out for medical advice. 

Don't forget your warm-up and cool-down exercises

Before you start your exercise and after you are done exercising, there are certain stretching exercising that you must mandatorily do. You just cannot jump straight to hard positioned asanas. The stretching will open up your body so that you can exercise well. You must also do a bit of cool down exercising, to relax your body before you resume your other work. 

Mix it up

To stay fit and to reduce the risk of overtraining, it is always a good idea to mix things up. You can include some light training exercising, some HIIT workout and some medium paced workout. In addition to this, you can also include a sport that you enjoy in your routine. Try cricket or cycling if that makes you feel good and active. 

Tape or Strap

If there is a joint that is prone to an injury, you have to be careful about it. You can try taping or strapping it to ensure that it stays protected while you exercise. If needed, you can also see a physiotherapist or a physiologist. He will help you in strengthening your injured area using proper techniques and methods.  

Pace yourself

If you are new to exercising or even if you are doing it for years, you cannot ignore your body signs. Firstly, you must always have a rest day or a recovery day in a week. Atul who is a fitness freak and offers assignment help online says that we must all make a routine to exercise six days a week and keep one day as a rest day. In case, your pain is persistent, you must rest till it is completely gone. 

Stay Hydrated

With every hour of an exercise, you lose about one to one and a half litres of fluid from your body. Thus, whenever you are working out, you must always drink more water than usual. Try to drink some water before, during and also after the session to ensure that you aren't dehydrated. 

Be weather aware

During the hot summers, you need to take it easy. Always apply sunscreen and wear comfortable clothing to stay protected from the elements. During the winters, you should wear warm clothes even while working out however ensure that you do not put on too many layers of clothing on you. This will restrict your movement while you exercise. So, keep your clothing relaxed and comfortable. 

Do it right

Right from day 1 of your exercise regime to every day that follows, your technique ought to be right. This is important to ensure that you use your muscles correctly and there's no unnecessary injury. 

Check your gear

Akriti who is a fitness enthusiast herself and works with a platform that lets you buy college essays online says that the most important rule of good training is the right gear. You must always ensure that the equipment and the shoes that you are wearing fit you right. They must be ideal for the activity and must not make you injury prone. Always look after your equipment and ensure that it is safe to use.  

Be Sensible

If you are going for a walk or a jog outside, be sensible. This is particularly important when you are going in the night or if the ground or the park is in the secluded area. You can take your dog or a friend along if needed. It is always advised to go to well-lit areas and wear light-reflective or bright clothing so that the drivers can spot you while you are at the crossing.  

So, these according to us are the 10 most important tips that will help you stay safe while you exercise. If you need any advice or help, do let us know about it in the comments below. 

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